Pippa Middleton Tops Daydream Poll?! Here's 10 Things We're Actually Daydreaming About

07 May 2013 by

According to a new survey out last week; we're a nation of daydreamers. Apparently, the average Briton daydreams four times a day and 80% of us are doing it at work. Sound familiar? We assumed it was a little more actually.

What's weird though isn't the amount we're daydreaming, it's what we're supposedly daydreaming about. According to the survey, Pippa Middleton tops the list as the women of Britain fantasise about having her celeb lifestyle. In close second comes Cheryl Cole.

Meh, we're not so sure. Sure, pretending we're the owner of Britain's most prestigious posterior does seem kind of appealing, but quite frankly we can think of far more pressing issues that are taking up our headspace. Here's what we're actually daydreaming about...

1. What We're Having For Lunch

Salmon skin roll or big fat sandwich? salmon skin roll or big fat sandwich? Big fat sandwich. Every time.

2. What Happened To That £30 We Took Out Before You Went To The Pub

We were probably pickpocketed weren't we? Yeah, that's it. Then the robbers debited our card too. For 8 Jaeger bombs.

3. What Our Pets Get Up To While We're At Work

Because we'd love to know where Muffykins got that smug smile from.

4. Ryan Gosling

Because we're walking clichés.

5. Stuff Like This

Totally deep man....


6. Which Member Of One Direction We'd Snog

If we had to, like really had to. We're going with Louis. Laters Harry.
 one direction brit awards

7. What We'd Do If We Won The Lottery

Buy the Spice Bus, obvs.
37 Reasons

8. What That Thing At The Back Of Our Fridge Used To Be

We're not scientific experts but it's either salami or an old sock. Either way it definitely moves.
Very Amusing

9. What Our Dream House Looks Like

Gosh darn it Foxtons, your comprehensive floorplans and 360°panoramic roof terrace views mean we spend more time on your website than Facebook. A cool £4,999,999? Oh go on then.
dream house foxtons

10. What Justin Beiber Would Look Like Without Teeth

Because it's so much worse than we ever thought it would be.
justin beiber no teethPic: Celebs Without Teeth


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