Hannah Montana Is Dead! The Top 5 Moments Of Miley Cyrus On Saturday Night Live

06 October 2013 by

Miley Cyrus has been the THE hot topic since her punky makeover and non-stop twerking. To add to the hysteria, she hosted hit US comedy show Saturday Night Live on NBC this weekend, giving her a platform to address THAT VMAs performance and to throw in a bit of SNL's trademark political satire. Here's what happened...

1. 'Hannah Montana was Murdered'

Miley attacked head on the topics that she didn't want to cover on the show: ‘We’re not doing anything on Hannah Montana tonight but I can give you an update on what happened to her; she was murdered.’ Possibly the best description of her attempt to divorce herself from the former Disney alter-ego that raised chartered her to start status.

She did confront her famous love of Twerking though, she said: "There will be no twerking tonight. I used  to think it was cool but now that all the white people are doing it, it seems kind of lame."

2. The 'End of America' sketch: the post-VMAs apocolypse

The show opened with a scene of post-apocolyptic America, the ruination of which was caused by Miley's tongue-wagging (in every sense) VMAs performance. The show's comment on the elevated reactions to celebrty culture ended with: ‘That was how America ended, Canada did well though, it turns out Prime Minister Bieber was a fair and generous ruler.'

 3. Old Miley warned her new self not to twerk on the VMAs

A Hannah Montana-esque incarnation of the younger Miley came to visit twerking Miley on the night of the VMAs, warning her not to wear more clothes. The sketch gave Miley the opportunity to confront the Cyrus-gate, saying: ‘I’m only 20 years old, I need some freedom to grow up and make mistakes. What’s so scandalous?’.

4. Miley dressed up as Republican Michelle Bachmann

In a response to the Republican's federal government shutdown this week Miley and SNL member Taran Killiam recreated their own Whitehouse party, grinding fellow Republicans and waving dollar bills around to the tune of her recent hit We Can't Stop, changing the lyrics to ‘this is our House, this is our rules and we did stop (the government)’ and 'if you're not ready for healthcare can we get a hell no, cuz we're gonna keep it shut down. DC is a closed town.'

5. And finally, a demure performance

We Can't Stop performed on SNL

Okay, so the sketches were less than demure but Miley performed two of her hits, We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball in a far more sober mood. Unlike the videos for both of these songs, these performances were softer and more modest than usual; Miley sang accompanied by 3 acoustic guitars, sat singing on a stool, ballad-style. She wore a perforated hooded tee that, despite revealing sporty underwear, was relaxed and boyish with the hood pulled up in an insular, protective way - there was not a bikini line or a twerk in sight!  



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