The New Year's Resolutions We Want To See From The Stars

02 January 2014 by

Let’s face it, they won’t need to hit the gym or cut back on the mince pies like the rest of us mere mortals, so what should these famous faces resolve to change in 2014? Here are our suggestions.

1. Beyonce: I will stop making everyone feel bad about their own lives.

She Instagrams exotic holidays with her adoring husband and adorable baby, but would it kill Queen Bey to mix it up a bit? How about some photos of trips to the dentist, or Blue Ivy having a strop in front of the Kinder Eggs by the supermarket checkout.

The New Year's Resolutions We Want To See From The Stars

2. Ryan Gosling: I’ll admit to just joking when I said I'm taking a break from acting.

Pretty please?

3. Gwyneth Paltrow: I will stop assuming everyone can afford my lifestyle.

It’s possible that the $5,800 kitchen utensils which made her must-have Christmas list on Goop didn’t do much to improve her popularity. What’s wrong with a Primark onesie, Gwynnie?

4. Victoria Beckham: I’ll admit my never-ending love for London.

Oh Vic, we know we can’t compete with LA weather-wise, and our hiking trails leave a lot to be desired, but just remember we knew you when you had a lip ring and hung out with Dane Bowers, and yet we still love you! Make 2014 the year you embrace all things British – pearly queen-themed collection next?

5. Miley Cyrus: I will stop it.

Just stop it, Miley. Really.

6. Katie Hopkins: I will also stop it.

Go and talk to Miley about this.

7. Baby George: I will not pull on mummy’s £800 haircut.

Even though it is so, so shiny and tempting.

8. Kate Moss: I’ll make my 40th birthday party one to remember.

Actually, we’re pretty sure she’s on to this already.

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