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We Speak To The Head Of Netflix To Find Out What's Coming To Our Screens In 2014

Orange Is The New Black creator Jenji Kohan, Ted Sarandos and star Taylor Schilling. Getty, Jesse Grant

Last week we sat down with The Man Who Changed The Way We Watch TV a.k.a Ted Sarandos from Netflix. Here’s what he told us.

1) 2014 Will See The Matrix: The TV Show

Well kind of. Ted revealed that Netflix will air the Wachowskis' (The Matrix) return to Sci-Fi. A 10 part sci-fi show called Sense8 will see them collaborate with Babylon 5’s J.Michael Straczynski. The plot is a global tale of ‘mind linked and souls haunted’. Ted said: "(The Wachowskis) are the most gifted storytellers of our time." He also revealed that the channel would give us 300 hours of children’s programming and the return of Grazia favourites Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards.

2) He Had To Convince David Fincher To Do House Of Cards His Way

With political potboiler House Of Cards, Netflix streamed all 13 episodes at once. But producer and director David Fincher had to be convinced that this was the right was to do things. “He was concerned that people would have a different predisposition to the show if they knew too much,” Ted said. “It was the difference between slowly unpeeling the character and going straight into knowing the character. In the end it didn’t matter because people still flocked to the show. It was having reverence for these weekly ‘water cooler moments’  when the water cooler doesn’t exist anymore.”

3) Binge TV Watching Doesn’t Really Exist

“It’s a bit of a fringy behaviour- most people just watch a couple of episodes and then rest later,” Ted told us. “But I love the idea that if that’s the way you want it you can do it and I think that that’s the fundamental shift in television. TV was very much about watching a show at a certain time and day and there’s going to become a time when that concept is going to seem so foreign and so abstract. Our kids are going to ask what ‘What does it’s on Wednesday at 8 mean?’"

4) He Knows Why Orange Is The New Black Is Successful

“Out of all the shows I’ve worked on people relate more personally to Orange Is The New Black. People relate to the plot lines very personally. So maybe that’s the new water cooler, which is we talk about why we’re watching something but we don’t ruin it for one another.“

5) Arrested Development Was Non Conformist But Brilliant

“I encouraged a situation where the normal conventions of television were forgotten which meant forgetting about things like rigid running times and linear narratives," Ted said. "So in the new season one of the episodes is 28 minutes and another is 43 minutes. It got a mixed reception but that's because people didn’t know how to watch it. Critics were reviewing it after only seeing a few episodes. It would be like reviewing The Sixth Sense after only viewing a few episodes. I think it’s a masterful piece of writing, directing and ahead of its time. A piece of TV history for the new on demand age." 



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