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Nashville – 3 Things We’ve Learned From The Trailer (SPOILER ALERT!)

“Last season Nashville bought you chart topping hits, Emmy nominated performances and a heart stopping season finale!” the Voice Over Man tells us on the gripping trailer for Nashville season two, totally summing up its appeal.

That finale featured Gunnar proposing to Scarlett and Juliette dealing with the aftermath of her mother Jolene’s death. Most sensationally however were the sequence of events that followed Deacon finding out that Maddie was actually his daughter. Deacon sensationally falls off the wagon and the two end up having a drunken confrontation. Deacon and Rayna start fighting in a car and then...well, it doesn't end up well. So what can we glean from this teaser trailer before the show returns to US screens on September 17th?

1) Rayna And Deacon Escape...

...But is everything ok? We see Rayna lying in a coma with her family (and Deacon) keeping vigil. When he asks "is she gonna die?" it's clear that things have gotten pretty serious. But perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much about the fate of Rayna. Speaking recently, ABC boss Paul Lee let the cat out of the bag saying that we should expect more crazy Rayna plotlines. “I think (the show makers) said to themselves that they want to turn the cards over more aggressively as they move through (the season)," he said. "(In the new series) you will start to see Connie (Britton) really drive plot, which is something I know the showrunners really wanted to do."

We also know that Kate Hudson’s bro Oliver will make an appearance as Rayna’s new love interest. He will play a “take-no-prisoners businessman who promises to shake things up in Nashville.” Looks like that Deacon and Rayna reconnection will have to wait a while…(damn!).

2) There Will Be More Rayna And Juliette Beef

“So now I’m going to have to compete with a saint in a coma!” says Juliette in the trailer. Well it's good to see she's still so charming! Speaking earlier this year Hayden Panettiere admitted that she didn’t know which way her character would go in. “I’ll be very, very curious (about her story arc) because she could go in many, many, many ways,” the actress said. With Paul Lee adding that the beef with Rayna was “really coming to a head”. So expect more of this....

...and don't hold your breath for that duets album.

3) Scarlett And Gunnar Might Go 'On A Break'

In the trailer we see Scarlett looking on mournfully (she does it so well!) as Gunnar kisses another girl. We’re guessing the his proposal didn’t go as planned then? Speaking recently Sam Palladio suggested that the new season would see a whole new chapter unfold for Gunnar, he said : "I don’t think he’ll instantly be a happy chappy when the show returns. He’s growing and that’s reflected in some of the music he writes and some other cool relationships that develop. We see a new guy.” Notice that there's no mention of Scarlett anywhere in his statement....



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