My Life On Record: Miquita Oliver Reveals Her Favourite Songs

22 November 2012

My Life On Record: Miquita Oliver Reveals Her Favourite Songs

Every week we ask one of our favourite stars to share the soundtrack to their lives - from that first breakup track to their ultimate guilty pleasure song. This week it's the turn of TV presenter Miquita Oliver...

1. Kriss Kross - Jump

'The first album I bought was Kriss Kross. Most people are only familiar with the one big hit, but there was a plethora of gems to be found on that masterpiece.'

2. Jade  - Don’t walk away

'I was obsessed with Jade’s ‘Don't Walk Away’ for about two years. I remember being at an aunt’s house, ordering the video on the box channel and preceding to wait the entire weekend to see it. Oh the ‘90s…'

3. Otis Redding - Try a little tenderness

'My first boyfriend broke up with me when I was fifteen - I don't think I've ever known a pain like it. Although I was just a kid, I’ve always thought choosing Otis Redding’s ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ as my heartbreak song was a rather mature choice of music to drown in.'

4. Hole - Violet

'On the eve of my thirteenth birthday I decided I was completely over R&B and would dedicate life to my new love, Nirvana. We were a wonderful pair until my mother introduced me to Hole and I began a torrid affair. I felt the song ‘Violet’ expressed my completely unfounded angst.'

5. The Flamingos - I only have eyes for you

I've always thought the idea of dancing with my husband surrounded by family and friends to be the worst idea in the world. So, if it must be done, it shall be to the sound of the Flamingos 'I Only Have Eyes For You’. The first ten seconds of this song make me want to burst due to their sheer beauty.’

6. Hanson - Mmmbop

For my twelfth birthday I went to New York and was haunted by a strange sound. The many adventures of my trip were unwittingly accompanied by the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. By the time I returned home, I had begun to think of the song as a secret friend. How could something about nothing be so wonderful and joyous? How could these words of utter stupidity send me to a place of unmitigated bliss? The song? ‘Mmmbop’ by Hanson. And it still delights me.

Miquita will be presenting 4Music's 2012 Video Honours Results Show on 24th November at midday.


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