Flashback Friday: The Things We Still Can't Quite Believe Happened At The VMAs

22 August 2014 by

Madonna and Britney at the VMAs [Getty]

On Sunday night it's the MTV Video Music Awards. The presenters, nominees and performers have been announced - but nothing ever quite goes as you'd expect at the VMAs. WTF moments are one of the only things you can count on in a room of that many pop stars.

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So while we wait for Beyonce, Miley, Taylor and pals to hit the red carpet at this year's awards, let's have a look back at some of the most OMG moments in VMA history, shall we? There's the time Lady Gaga dressed as a piece of meat. When Michael Jackson confused a birthday cake for an 'Artist of the Millenium' Award. Who could forget when MADONNA KISSED BRITNEY? It's been a decade and we still feel the need to use caps locks.

Here are the moments we still can't quite believe happened at the VMAs...

1. Madonna and Britney Spears locked lips - 2003

2. Harry Styles and Katy Perry kissed (we're not sure Harry can believe this yet either) - 2013

3. The time Kanye hijacked Taylor's acceptance speech in 2009. Like, WTF Kanye?

4. When Beyonce announced her first pregnancy on stage during a performance of 'Love On Top' - 2011

5. When Britney Spears was allowed to walk on stage with a live snake *shudder*

6. When Diana Ross touched Little Kim's, err, nipple - 1999

7. When Courtney Love threw her compact at Madonna - 1995

8. When Lady Gaga dressed like a prime rib - 2010

9. Michael Jackson accepted a fake award - 2002

10. When Fiona Apple said the world is bullshit - 1997

11. When Lil Mama took a bow for 'Empire State of Mind' (which she didn't perform) - 2009

12. Now You didn't think we'd forget Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke did you? - 2013

Want more? See the outfits we still can't quite get our heads around in the gallery below...


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