Miley Cyrus Does The WOP! Singer Tweets Video Of Herself Dancing In A Onesie

21 March 2013 by

Give a girl a camera and you'll get a selfie. Give a girl a videocamera and a onesie (make that #1Z) and you'll get the WOP. Well, if you're Miley Cyrus anyway. Perhaps wanting to prove the recent controversy over her on-again-off-again engagement to Liam Hemsworth hasn't got her down, Miley posted a video of herself twerkin' it (that's dancing or grinding in a sexual manner) to the routine which has become somewhat synonymous with J.Dash and Flo Rida's song WOP.

No, we have to confess we weren't overly familiar with the tune either but it's actually been doing the video rounds for quite some time. In fact, type WOP into YouTube and you'll see literally LOADS of people getting jiggy to the track which first came out back in 2011.

Whether it was the fact that it was Miley behind the unicorn eyes or just that it has massive LOL potential, she managed to successfully get WOP trending on Twitter last night - and we're not surprised. The video has us doing a little twerking of our own.

Miley's trending feat is one Will.I.Am was happy to share in...

And even Cara Delevingne wanted to get in on the action:

Hmmm, we wonder if this is the said dinosaur Cara's referring to?

Just like the Harlem Shake and Psy's Gangnam Style, the WOP has great appeal. Why? Firstly, it's dead easy to do. A certain amount of coordination is essential but mainly, there's a lot of shaking and pointing at stuff. This former cheerleader has totally nailed it in her back garden. We're hopeful that despite our non-cheerleading credentials, we might also be able to learn the moves ourselves.

Secondly, it's the type of routine which seems like a really good idea to do when drunk. This may lead to some sort of injury so we'd advise a bit of common sense when attempting to re-create Miley's moves. Clear some space. Warn people standing in your vacinity. Maybe stretch a little or warm-up first (it's got groin strain written all over it). In fact, for a slooooooooooowed down version of the signature move, check out this how-to video for inspiration.

Finally, besides having a whole load of fun when creating your own WOP, don't forget to check out the original video to see just how it was intended. In a bikini. On a beach. On seconds thoughts, where's our onesie again??


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