Miley Cyrus Gets All Kinds Of Naked In Her 'Wrecking Ball' Video - Here's 9 Other Stars Who Bared All For The Camera

10 September 2013 by

You'll never guess what Miley Cyrus does in her new video. Alright, you probably will, the stupid internet is all over it. Miley's (surprise!) x-rated video has got tongues wagging across the world and means she's trending again on Twitter for, oh I don't know, the 65th day running?

In the video for Wrecking Ball, directed by Terry Richardson no less, the 20-year-old makes out with a sledge hammer, rides a wrecking ball in the buff (except for some super on-trend Doc Martens) and cries. Which is a bit creepy considering she's not wearing any clothes.

While Miley might have missed the mark with her risque antics, she's not the first pop star to turn their music video into a naked romp. Read on for our top 10 baring-it-all music video moments.

1. Sigur Ros And Shia LaBeouf - Fijora Piano

When Sigur Ros, them of TV advert favourite Hoppipolla, decided to make an edgy video for their song Fijora Piano they enlisted the help of actor Shia LaBeouf. The result? A fully naked Shia smashing up a room full of framed butterflies and carving things in his girlfriend's back. In case you didn't get it, it's art.

2. Michael Jackson - I Breathe Again

Not many people were convinced by Michael Jackson's romance with Lisa Marie Presley. To counter those pesky naysayers, the couple made a hilariously cringe video for You Are Not Alone, which featured the two of them lounging in the nude amongst some Grecian ruins. MJ sports a top pair of curtains too.

3. Robbie Williams - Rock DJ

Back when Robbie was at the top of his game and Gary Barlow was all sad about the demise of Take That and the failure of his solo career (how times have changed eh?), Robbie's video for Rock DJ featured him stripping off in a skating rink while a bunch of models glide past. The crowning moment? His not so graceful removal of his tiger motif speedos before he begins waving his bits around provocatively. Oh yeah, then - if you get the explicit version - he pulls his skin and muscles off - leaving a bloody skeleton. Hot.

4. Queen - Bicycle Race

In a totally ballsy move for the 70's, Queen's music video for Bicycle Race featured 65 naked women riding bikes at the Wimbledon greyhound track. Supposedly, the bike company that leased the band the bikes made them purchase all of the bicycle seats after it found out how they were being used.


5. Britney Spears - Womanizer

Britney's back y'all, (comeback number 4 by our count?) and naked in a sauna at that. Take note Miley, THIS is how reinventions are done.

6. Alanis Morrisette - Thank You

As the poster child for 90's lady-angst, Alanis Morrisette was all about being like, totally natural. Her video for Thank You ("Thank you India..." yeah that one) features the singer roaming the streets of New York wearing nothing at all. In a totally unhygienic move, she even sits down bared-arsed on a subway seat.

7. Blink 182 - What's My Age Again

Our love for pop punk pranksters Blink 182's 1999 video for What's My Age Again was somewhat marred when we found out what the sexy nurse looks like now.

8. Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss

Fresh from her stint as school girl Flick Scully on Aussie soap Neighbours, Holly got her pop career off to a bang with this raunchy video that featured her gyrating with nothing but a blue laser light to cover her modesty.

9. Adam Rickitt

Ex-Brookside star and Smash Hits poster boy Adam got pre-teen pulses racing with his raunchy video for I Breathe Again. Why's he in a glass box? Must have been an 90's thing.


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