Marylin Manson Looks Super-Weird Without Make-Up In 'Eastbound & Down'. Here's 9 More Dramatic Screen Transformations

05 November 2013 by

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Cameron Diaz

Shiny and blonde.


Cameron Diaz In Being John Malkovich

Still super pretty, (obvs- it's Cameron D) but now channeling the whole dodgy 90's yearbook thing.

© Rex

Charlize Theron

Cheekbones that dreams are made of.


Charlize Theron In Monster

And then BAM that's why we love her. Charlize rendered herself unrecognisable to portray serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster and totally picked up an Oscar for her performance.

The Baby In Twilight

Bella and Edward's offspring was weirdly CGI'ed. But...

The Original Twilight Baby They Were Going To Use

...It could have been a LOT, LOT WORSE. This mechanical baby was originally set to play Renesemee but was dropped because the cast found her too creepy. Seriously, watch this video - you'll understand why. We're just concerned about where the hell that mechanical baby is now. Haunting our dreams most probably.

© Gael Garcia Bernal Facebook

Gael Garcia Bernal

Fit right?


Gael Garcia Bernal In Bad Education

And still weirdly tickled our fancy when he played a crossdresser in Pedro Almadovar's Bad Education.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwynnie of the long, lithe limbs and macrobiotic lifestyle.


Gwyneth Paltrow In Shallow Hal

And Gwynnie in a fat suit.

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Hilary Swank

Shiny locks and winning smile.


Hilary Swank In Boys Don't Cry

Make-up free and gender confuzzled.

© Mariah Carey Instagram

Mariah Carey

Buffed and bronzed to within an inch of her life.

© Precious Official Facebook

Mariah Carey In Precious

A surprising turn of events as she played a social worker in Precious.

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Natalie Portman

Shiny hair and rosy cheeks...


Natalie Portman In V For Vendetta

...Before doing a Britney in V For Vendetta.

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Nicole Kidman

Willowy and red-lipped.


Nicole Kidman In The Hours

To a knock-out representation of Viginia Woolf.

Egads! Prepare to be afraid, very very afraid. Marilyn Manson, him of the rock music, subject of dark urban legends and romancer of Hollywood's hottest alt ladies has appeared without his trademark make-up in a new episode of his favourite TV show, Eastbound & Down.

marilyn manson no make up eastbound and down

The show, which focuses on washed-up baseball player Kenny Powers, features Marylin as a geeky waiter clad in a (gasp!) polo shirt and shorts with a shaggy mousey-brown mophead. The effects are somewhat unsettling, so used are we to seeing Marylin painted white with a set of piercing blue contacts and black lips. Just take a peek at the video below to see him in all his clean-skinned glory.

However, he's not the only celebrity to make a dazzling transformation to appear on screen. Click through the gallery above to see our favourites.


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