Mad Men Is Back! Here's 10 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About The Show

09 April 2013 by

On Sunday night those lucky Americans got a hefty dose of Don Draper and his chiseled jaw as season six of Mad Men premiered stateside. But us Brits don’t have long to wait for our retro-fix, as the series starts here on Wednesday night on Sky Atlantic. 

Before it hits our screens, boost your Mad Men knowledge with these factoids...

1. Jon Hamm could have been Alec Baldwin

Kind of. He auditioned for the role of Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock. “Somewhere on tape there exists me talking about three kinds of heat.” Tina Fey did sign him up for a cameo as her love interest though. Smart woman. 

2. Glen is well connected…

The child actor who plays Sally’s ‘boyfriend’ Glen Bishop is Marten Holden Weiner, creator Matthew Weiner’s real life son.

3. Roger Sterling’s ex-wife is his real life one

Yes, the actress, Talia Balsam, who plays Roger Sterling’s (John Slattery) ex is Slattery’s real life wife of 15 years. In more amazingness, Talia was also married to George actual Clooney from 1989 to 1993.

4. And there's another wedding in the pipeline

Pete Campbell’s marriage might be a sham – but his real life love life looks more hopeful. Vincent Kartheiser has just announced his engagement to Alexis Beldel – who played his mistress in season 5!

5. Bill Murray’s brother is in it

Joel Murray plays Freddie Rumsen, a copywriter who gets fired in Season 2 for wetting himself in the office – before re-joining the firm in season 4. It’s not all glamour in Mad Men, folks.

6. ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ went to Number 1

Jessica Pare (who plays Megan) recorded a full length version of the song she sings to Don on his birthday in season 5. It went on to top the Billboard’s World Music charts in the US.

7. Lane Pryce's dad is Dumbledore

The actor who played Lane Pryce, Jared Harris, is the son of the late Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films. 

8. They really, really wanted the Beatles in it

Last season Mad Men paid a whopping $250,000 use an original Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows in an episode. "It was always my feeling that the show lacked a certain authenticity because we never could have an actual master recording of the Beatles performing," said Matthew Weiner.

9. They’re not actually all nicotine addicts

The cast might puff away like chimneys, but they use herbal cigarettes while filming

10. Don and Roger want to be each other

Jon Hamm has spoken of his envy at the amount of one-liners that John Slattery gets playing Roger. But Slattery has his own reasons to be jealous. “He'll point out how many jokes I have,” he says. “And I'm like, 'Yeah, but look at the women sitting across the table who are playing the women that you're going to be in bed with.'" Fair point.


Compiled by Priya Elan and Clare Thorp


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