Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Girls, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey - Our Top 5 TV Fan Blogs

19 March 2013 by

One of the great things about cult, zeitgiesty tv shows is their ability to spark truly great watercooler moments to break up an otherwise dull working day. But if leaving your desk to chew the fat about who kissed/ dumped/ dissed who on last night's must-see hit programme is an effort then sometimes you have to resort to the internet to get your LOLs. And let's face it, there's usually an even bigger fan out there who has way more free time on their hands than you do to point out all the hilarious antics in a carefully edited video taken from the entire six seasons of the show. To demonstrate, here are our favourite tv show fan-related-blog-type-things...

1. Mad Men

There's less than a month to go until Mad Men is back on our screens (10th April - diarise it NOW!). And whether you're a hardcore fan needing a pre-season six recap or new to the show (in which case, where have you been?!) and need to catch up pronto, why not wander over to which very helpfully condenses all the info you need to know on characters, plots and storylines into a post-it note sized memo. Genius. Apparently, it was originally set up by a guy whose girlfriend had never seen Mad Men before. Cute! They're not together anymore but it proved to be such a hit, he kept it going. Lucky for us, eh?!

2. Breaking Bad

Just like the meth he's cooking, the story of the terminally ill high school chemistry teacher turned drug lord is utterly addictive. It's gritty, disturbing, graphic and wrong but we're hooked. Also as its on Netflix, it means we can watch it pretty much whenever we want. Annoying having to wait for a weekly episode when you're THIS into something isn't it? Luckily, a really lovely person on the interweb as put together this ace video which charts the journey of Walter White. There's background music and everything. But be warned, if you're not up to speed, there are some BIG spoilers...

3. Girls

Season two has finished - sob! We're not quite sure how we'll cope without our weekly fix from the biatches of Brooklyn. One thing we've loved about the show are the hilarious one-liners. Totally repeatable, tweetable, and put on a t-shirt-able. Demonstrating this perfectly is tumblr What Should We Call Girls. It completely encapsulates the awesomeness of Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa and why we shall miss them so.

4. Downton Abbey

The period drama about the Earl of Grantham and his family set in the 1920's is a huge hit both here and in the States. We enjoy the relationship sagas, the familial in-fighting, the politics among the servants downstairs but mostly, we're big fans of the Dowager Countess played by Dame Maggie Smith. Pithy, witty and totally saying what she thinks. This little gem of a video somes it up perfectly, complete with eye-rolls.

5. Game of Thrones

Season 3 of the cult fantasy show returns to our screens very, very soon. Some people take it really, really seriously. Others however, can appreciate the comedic value. Case in point, GameofLOLs - a totes funny blog with amusing ticklings related, sort of, to Game of Thrones. We're particularly enjoying the replica opening title sequence had it in fact originally aired in 1995.


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