Lindsay Lohan Does Oprah: 5 Things We Want To See From The Hotly Anticipated Interview

05 August 2013 by

She's back people! Fresh out of rehab and looking better than ever, Lindsay Lohan is on the mend and cultivating her career comeback with a series of TV appearances that we can't wait to see.

First up is Chelsea Handler. Airing tonight, Li-Lo guest-hosted the funny lady's show and in the process poked fun at Harry Styles after he was questioned about being bisexual in a recent interview. "I've been there," she quips without skipping a beat. Lindsay also jokes about Kristen Stewart in light of her recent explosive run-in with the papparazzi saying, "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion."

Up next is what looks set to be an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey. Although we've got to wait until next NEXT Sunday to see the whole thing in full, we've got our hands on a sneaky teaser trailer [above] and it's clear Oprah doesn't go easy on the starlet asking her, "Are you an addict?" And, "What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for child star gone wrong?" Ouch! Don't hold back now Oprah!

lindsay lohan

Either way we can't wait to see the interview. Lindsay's sworn herself off the booze and is certainly looking much healthier so here's hoping these are the first steps to a new and improved Li-Lo! Here's 5 things we're hoping the interview will include...

1. A Tour Of Chez Lohan

Remember when Oprah went to go and interview Rihanna in Barbados and Ri-Ri was all "Let's take a ride in my jeep and look at the neighbourhood I grew up in?" That definitely looked like fun. What sort of skeletons has Lilo got hiding at the back of her rather sizable closet? We're guessing rather a few...

Rihanna and Oprah in a jeep

2. What Went On With That Whole Canyons Controversy

After the fabulously-titled New York Times article Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie alleged the actress was a general bundle of chaos on the set of The Canyons, we'd love to hear Lindsay's side of the story.

the canyons

3. An Explanation Of The Devil's Going On With Dina Lohan In General

Seriously. The mind boggles. Plus what's up with her getting younger every day? There's some serious trickery going on somewhere.

dina lohan

4. An Explanation And Apology For Whatever Liz And Dick Was

Not quite the comeback career move Lindsay had hoped for. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this film biopic of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burtons' romance was, "So terrible, you’ll need to ice your face when it’s over to ease the pain of wincing for two hours." Ouch.

 Animated Gif on Giphy

5. What She Did With The Other Twin From Parent Trap

You can talk to us about CGI all you want but mark our words, somewhere out there is an identikit Lindsay just waiting to break free. Can the world handle 2 Li-Lo's? Who knows.

 Animated Gif on Giphy


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