Lily Allen Interview: We Talk Miley Cyrus, Motherhood And 'Hard Out Here' At Red Bull Revolutions In Sound

15 November 2013 by

Lily Allen's comeback music video 'Hard Out Here; dropped this week and has already had over 3.5 million views. The video, which takes on sexualisation of the music business, has sparked massive debate. Last night she performed her single for the first time in a pod on the London Eye, with West London hip-hop party Yo Yo for a live show. This was part of the Red Bull Revolutions in Sound event, where 30 pods were transformed into intimate clubs for the night. Cool huh? We spoke to Lily on the rocking red carpet (it was situated on a boat on the Thames you see) before she boarded her pod.

Of course everybody wanted to know her take on the controversy surrounding the video and she said: 'I had to come back with something strong and am happy with how it’s been received, mostly, and sad that some people have got the wrong end of the stick.' Read below to find out what Lily had to say on the red carpet about Miley Cyrus, juggling motherhood with the single promotion and what we can expect from the rest of the album...

Did you want the video to be mostly about feminism and women being victimized by the industry?

Lily Allen: 'I didn’t really have any intentions. I think all you can do is put something out there and the way people interpret it…'

Would you do anything different?

Lily Allen: 'No!'

Any female stars congratulate you on the video?

 Lily Allen: 'Yeah millions! Laura Mvula, Ellie Goulding, Kate Nash – it’s been amazing. Laura Mvula said she both laughed and cried with happiness so I was very happy with that'

Any reaction you’re not happy about?

Lily Allen: 'Plenty! But we’re not going to talk about that'

Your song is so on topic – Miley Cyrus been on stage a lot recently in provocative outfits…

Lily Allen: 'My video has actually nothing to do with Miley Cyrus, it wasn’t a direct response to anything she’s done. Someone else has come up with that themselves, so that was never intentional. Robin Thicke however, was.'

How do you feel returning to spotlight with two little ones?

Lily Allen: 'Well I’m not returning with them. I’m doing it on my own!'

How are you juggling it?

Lily Allen: 'At the moment I’m not in full promotion mode, so I generally try to get back at 4 o clock, 5 o’clock in the afternoon and do dinner and bath time and things that normal mums do.'

What was experience like making this record? Was it lovely to be back in the studio?

Lily Allen: 'No it wasn’t actually. At first it was really, really difficult because I was pregnant when I was making it with my second baby for a long time and I found it really hard to connect with myself. It wasn’t, excuse me boys, until I stopped breastfeeding that I stated to connect with myself again. So it was hard actually – much harder than it has been in the past.'

What can we expect from the rest of album? Is it similar to Hard Out Here?

Lily Allen: 'Yeah it’s all exactly the same thing! No it’s a range of topics and things that I’ve seen over the past couple of years when I’ve been away. There are songs about love, songs about heartbreak, songs about things that have been deep and profound and affected me in great ways and not so great ways. A lot of social observations as well.'

Love the John Lewis Christmas ad – what is your best or worst gift Christmas gift ever?

Lily Allen: 'My best or worst gift?! I don’t know! My mum is always pretty good – she still does me a stocking every year so those are my best gifts. My husband is pretty good. I can’t complain! I can’t say a worst gift or someone will be really upset.'

The Revolutions in Sound was streamed on, which was the world's first live stream of 30 stages simultaneously.



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