Lil Bub Has Film Where She Meets Grumpy Cat And It's The Best Thing Ever

05 September 2013 by

You all know Lil Bub right? That weird looking cat with the perma-sticky-out tongue and the vacant look in her eyes that's all over your internet? Yep, we're totally obsessed with her too. Well, get ready for your Bub addiction to go into overdrive; Vice have gone and made a film about her. And it's ace.

Born the runt of the litter with a shrunken lower jaw, extra toes, osteoporosis, dwarfism and funny-shaped bones which make it near impossible for her to walk like a normal cat (according to her owner she's got a great waddle going on though), Bub's early prospects weren't all that great. Luckily she was adopted by cat-lover Mike Bridavsky who posted pictures of the misshapen kitten on Tumblr. Thanks to a healthy amount of Reddit action they went viral and Bub became a fully fledged Cat Of The Internet.

lil bub robert de niro


Since then the little cat has appeared on Good Morning America, has amassed nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, met celebrities like Robert De Niro and been snapped by uber-photographer Terry Richardson. Now Vice have made her a star in the film world too.

Available online from this week, Lil Bub & Friendz is the heartwarming tale of Bub, her rise to fame and the internet-induced cat mania that dominates social media. Oh, Bub also meets the real life Grumpy Cat in the film which, quite frankly, is all just too much.

Head over to Vice to watch the film, trust us, it's worth it. In the meantime, here's our 7 favourite gifs of Bub doing what she does best - looking adorable.

1. Lil Bub Eats Food

2. Lil Bub Scopes Out The Landscape

3. Bub Plays In The Grass Like An Absolute Pro

cat gif, lil bub gif, itchybrownsweater gif, i love lil bub gif

4. Bub Gets Excited And Doesn't Know What To Do With Herself

5. Bub Is Ready For Her Close Up

Lil' Bub!

6. Bub Meets Grumpy Cat, The World Implodes

Lil Bub Meets Grumpy Cat [vine]

7. Bub Looks Into Your Soul



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