Life According To Jack Whitehall… 5 Things You Need To Do

18 December 2012

At just 24, Jack Whitehall has written and starred in critically acclaimed sitcom Bad Education, become a comedy panel regular, sold out a stand-up tour and made Fresh Meat’s obnoxious public school toff the most popular character on TV. Grazia grills him on his life mantras…

Talking about my sex life on stage with my parents in the audience is a bit odd. There are a few jokes about bringing girls home and trying to have sex, with them asleep in the house. It can be awkward, especially when the camera cuts to them so you can see their reaction. Which is mainly uncomfortable. I may embellish some stories slightly to make them work better but pretty much all the material is true.

Fame isn’t all that. A woman asked for my autograph recently, which I gave then thanked her for her support. She said, 'Oh no, it’s not for me it’s for my daughter. I find you rather egregious.' I didn’t know what egregious meant – I still don’t fully understand what it means but I know it’s not good – I had to go home and Google it. To get insulted and have to Google the insult to get offended is pretty bad.

I don’t know why everyone loves Fresh Meat posh boy JP. He’s pretty obnoxious. I guess people find the posh boy stereotype amusing. I’m basically a younger, male version of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey – really posh and delivering older zingers. The Dowager of Grantham is my comedy inspiration. Someone once commented online that I was a, 'comedian of the David Cameron generation'. I think that’s a damning assessment.

My Manchester University halls of residence was essentially a tower of Jagermeister and STDs. We played the ‘Tower Challenge,’ where you and your mates would take a lift from the top and drink a shot on each floor. I passed out at number ten and was dragged out. My last night at uni was pretty special, too: my girlfriend and I slept on the sofa using pizza boxes as pillows. Utterly disgusting. I’m happy to say my idea of romance has progressed since. Now I use boxes of Deliverance or Feng Sushi.

I went to school with Kate and Pippa Middleton. They were older, I never knew them. But Pippa was famous for her bum even back then. It’s a bum that’s always been good and I knew about it before anyone else.

Jack’s DVD Jack Whitehall Live is out now.


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