Let's Speculate Wildly About Victoria Beckham's (Possible) Cameo On 'Girls'

08 January 2014 by

Let's Speculate Wildly About Victoria Beckham's (Possible) Cameo On 'Girls'

FROW friends: VB and Lena at the CFDA event [Getty]

Um, so a Victoria Beckham cameo in Girls could *actually* be happening people. That’s right, ever since Victoria said in November that she’d love a role on the now infamous show we’ve been hoping it would happen. Now Lena Dunham – star and director – has only gone and said that she wouldn’t mind getting the former Spice Girl involved herself.

At the after party for the recent season launch, Lena spoke to Vanity Fair about Victoria’s desire to get on the show. ‘That shocked me! I was like we’ll get to work on that!' she said. And what could we expect from a VB cameo? 'I’d love to see Victoria Beckham, like, dress it down a little bit, maybe do Victoria Beckham as somebody’s adult-education teacher or something.’

Victoria and Lena met last October at a CFDA Fashion Fund event and at the time Vic tweeted a photograph of them together under the caption, ‘LOVED meeting @lenadunham at the CFDA Fashion fund in LA x vb’. Talk about fan girling! So as we edge closer to this becoming a reality, we've taken it upon ourselves to provide a few predicitons of our own...

Victoria Beckham's Cameo On 'Girls' As Teacher

Will Victoria play Hannah's dowdy teacher? [Getty]

1. She’ll eat a cupcake in a bath

Remember the first ever episode of Girls when we were all like, ‘What, why is Lena eating a cupcake in a bath?,’ yeah? Well imagine that with Victoria Beckham. Maybe Hannah will join her. She seems to like doing that.

2. Victoria will come in as a singing teacher

As much as we like Lena’s original idea of an adult-education teacher, we’d much prefer if she was a singing teacher. You know, because she used to be a singer, in the Spice Girls. Think Gwyneth Paltrow in Glee. Yes!

3. She’ll have to wear some hideous clothes

Well, it wouldn’t be as funny if she was her usual stylish self would it?

4. She’ll have to talk awkwardly about sex

What? It’s like a pre-requisite of being on the show, no?

5. David will be on it too

Oh, come on, we just want to look at David Beckham, anytime, anyway, anywhere. Please make it happen!

So would YOU like to see from a VB cameo? Let's get a taster with this piece of TV gold below...


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