Let's Speculate! Grazia's Top 10 Names For Kate Middleton's Baby

03 December 2012 by

The world has known that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant for a mere hour or so but there's already intense speculation over what their first Royal child will be called. And we're adding to it! Here's our top ten suggestions for Kate and Wills' little one...

Kate Middleton

1. Diana - for obvious reasons. The bookies have made this 8-1 favourite.

2. Singapore - K-Mid and Wills were on a royal tour here last September, so it's where the baby was probably conceived. Hey, it worked for Brooklyn Beckham. See also: Kaula Lumpur

3. Rihanna - the Royals need to modernise, what better way than to take the name of the world's hottest popstar? See also, Beyonce.

3. Plum - well, Apple's already taken.

4. Ana/Christian - we're sure Kate's a fan of Fifty Shades.

5. Cheryl - she's already tweeted her congratulations to the couple. Hoping to be Godmother maybe?

6. Squeak - if it was good enough for Kate's childhood guinea pig...

7. Reiss - well, it is her favourite shop. Although, they need to launch a maternity range. Asap.

8. Kateiam - an amalgamation of their names. Certainly unusual.

9. Richard - as in Ward. Should guarantee free haircuts for life.

10. Fergie - Well you never know...


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Clare Gorevan (Mon Dec 03 22:11:49 GMT 2012): come on - let's have better suggestions than these!
Angela Leslie (Mon Dec 03 22:17:15 GMT 2012): Favourite is Kateiam! Will we do some lists like we did with baby Beckham??
Mandy Bannerman (Mon Dec 03 22:20:55 GMT 2012): Let's hope he's a "Hardy Farquhar"? (Excuse me, I don't know where that came from...)
Jen Wb (Tue Dec 04 00:53:16 GMT 2012): It'll be a girl I reacon. Something along the lines of Amelia, Angela or Mary. Something which will work with her heritage (if William chooses to pass on the crown) failing that Frances or Francesca as Frances was Diana's christened name.
Freddie Johnson (Tue Dec 04 04:46:47 GMT 2012): http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2012/12/03/royal-wedding-what-will-their-kids-look-like/
Paula Roegge (Tue Dec 04 06:32:03 GMT 2012): I can see Diana somewhere in the future. Also - William, Katherine, Elizabeth. (Please God, no Charles or Camilla.)
Olubunmi Oyewobi (Tue Dec 04 11:16:42 GMT 2012): DIANA for a girl for sure , a boy will have a traditional name I would LOVE THEM TO HAVE A GIRL NE HER FISNA AND SHE BECOME THE NEXT QUEEN . That would be delicious IRONY and a job well done .