Leonardo DiCaprio's Amazing Jack Nicholson Impression And 10 Other Celebrity Parodies

07 March 2013 by

Leonardo DiCaprio's Amazing Jack Nicholson Impression And 10 Other Celebrity Parodies

Just when we thought Leonardo DiCaprio couldn't get any more talented (have you seen him as the detestable Calvin Candy in Django Unchained yet? Have ya?) he goes and proves us wrong. His latest offering? Pulling off an uncanny Jack Nicholson impression with just his eyebrows. On what looks like the most awkward interview ever - one that inexplicably features reaction shots from panellists in a separate studio-Leo amuses his interviewee and the production crew by pulling a face so similar to Jack Nicholson in his most unhinged roles (think Jack Torrance in The Shining or The Joker in Batman) that he almost becomes the actor.

Here's 10 more examples of celeb-on-celeb impressions...

1. Justin Timberlake Does John Mayer

YouTube has disabled embedding on this one but it's well worth viewing. JT's rendition of Wonderland might acutally be better than the real thing. Maybe a date with Jessica Simpson/Jennifer Aniston/Taylor Swift/Katy Perry is next on the cards?

justin timberlake john mayer

2. Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin

One of our all-time faves. The Queen of Comedy's impression of the former Governor of Alaska and all-round oddball Sarah Palin propelled Tina to worldwide fame.

3. Jason Sudekis Does Everyone

Ellen puts the Horrible Bosses star on the spot to do everyone from Simon Cowell to Ricky Gervais.

4. Jimmy Fallon Does Neil Young

...And sings the theme tune from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Genius.

5. Matt Damon Does Matthew McConnaughey

Despite David Letterman's insistance, Matt doesn't make like his impressionee and remove his shirt. He does get the Texas drawl down though. Next up: Matthew does Matt?

6. Kevin Spacey Does Everyone

A rare insight into the comical side of Kevin Spacey. His Jimmy Stewart impression is uncanny.

7. Kristin Wiig Does Bjork

The best in a long line-up of the Bridesmaids star's Saturday Night Live impressions.

8. Amy Poehler Does Hilary Clinton

Even Hilary's down with this one.

9. Maya Rudolph Does Oprah

This one sadly didn't make it further than the Saturday Night Live dress rehearsal but we would definitely watch Hawaii Five-Oprah.

10. Keenan From Kenan And Kel Does Whoopi Goldberg

Because why not?


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