Lena Dunham's Doing Saturday Night Live! What Can We Expect From The Girls Star?

06 March 2014 by

Finally! Lena Dunham's doing her first ever Saturday Night Live. Yep - that's right - the Girls writer has never made an appearance on the infamous sketch show UNTIL NOW. The star and feminist voice will be hosting the US TV programme on March 8 alongside band The National. We've not been this excited about watching SNL since Drake's Bar Mitzvah and Justin Timberlake's many MANY hilarious visits.

The promo video for her show has just dropped - and Lena already has us in stiches. She appears alongside SNL's Kate McKinnon in the clip which shows the pair trying again and again to record a successful advert. Highlights including Kate fangirling over Lena, a topless joke (obvs) , the pair reading out their lists of goals for the week and a wild 'two young feminists' celebration. 

Lena announced the decision in a series of tweets last week. 'Thank you for the SNL love. Dream come true. Can't wait to debut my character "girl who googled serial killers all night & has lots to say"!' she tweeted. 'The National will make me cry on live TV.'

We're TOTALLY excited to see Lena host the show because a) she's hilarious b) she's the voice of a generation and c) she's hilarious.

Here's 10 things to expect from her appearance.

1. A sequel to this Girls parody from Tina Fey

2. Featuring Lady Gaga as a new character

3. Nudity

4. LOTS of nudity

5. Lena doing this dance to The National

6. Cats doing Girls (Okay, that's just wishful thinking)

7. A cameo from Justin Timberlake (Wishful thinking again)

8. Quotable quotes

9.  A fair bit of rib-digging



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