Lena Dunham Wants To Make Our Lives Easier With Her New Book

04 June 2014 by

What To Expect From Lena Dunham's Book, 'Not That Kind Of Girl'

Lena Dunham with her new memoir [Getty]

If there’s one lady we reckon has got some good advice to dole out, it’s Lena Dunham. Which is why we’re hugely excited about her forthcoming memoir, 'Not That Kind Of Girl'.

The book isn’t out until September, but Dunham has already been out and about promoting it – appearing at the Book Expo America event, alongside Alan Cumming, Martin Short and Colm Toibin, at the weekend, to read from the book’s introduction. "This is a great panel of guys," she said beaming. "I feel so lucky. I've f----d all of them." She's joking! (we think).

Random House paid a reported $3.7 million for Lena’s memoirs, which she describes as a collection of essays written for "women who grew up in the Internet age."

Here’s what we’ve learnt so far…

1. She wasn’t very happy in college

Dunham attended New York Liberal Arts college Oberlin, where she was "convinced that I was going to end up living in a mental hospital at 29 ... in spite of the 350 mg of medication" she took daily.

2. She’s not a fan of juice diets

"I’m already predicting my future shame in thinking I had anything to offer you, but also my future glory in having stopped you from trying an expensive juice cleanse,” she says in an except she read from the book.

3. Her party chat needs work

Dunham says that at parties, she would “make casual reference to my vagina like it’s a car.”

Lena Dunham Instagram photos

Lena's book is for "women who grew up in the Internet age" [Instagram]

4. She had to learn to love her body

Dunham said she felt it was important that she tell her stories about "waking up to an adult female body and feeling terrified and disgusted" and "allowing myself to be treated in ways I knew were wrong.”

5. She wants to make our lives easier

 ‘If I can take what I've learned to make one menial job easier for you, prevent you from having the kind of sex where you feel you have to keep your sneakers on in case you want to run away during the act, then every misstep of mine has been worthwhile.’

6. She’s been inspired by Helen Gurley Brown

Dunham has revealed she was inspired from reading former Cosmo Editor Gurley Brown’s book Having It All: Love, Success, Sex, Money, Even If You're Starting With Nothing.




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