Lena Dunham Explains The Girls Finale In Behind The Scenes Webisode - Here's What You Need To Know: SPOILER ALERT

19 March 2013

Girls finished last night with potential happy endings for some and more ambiguity for others. Writer and Director Lena Dunham has been giving us ‘behind the episode’ explanations after every programme, so let’s take a look at what she had to say about episode 10, ‘Together’.

1. “It’s about characters finding each other again”

Co-writing the episode with producer Judd Apatow, Lena reveals that the show was about characters finding each other again. “(It was about) connection and disconnection,” she said, as the episode went through the dynamics of Marnie and Charlie, Hannah and Adam and Shoshanna and Ray.

 2. Marnie isn’t a bad person

Lena says that Marnie getting back with the newly wealthy Charlie wasn’t a “morally bankrupt” decision. “It isn’t because she’s some gold digging nightmare. But because she likes seeing him being his strongest, most masculine version of himself,” she says. We hope this means, in season 3 she’ll be doing less Kanye West covers.

3. Should Marnie and Charlie have got back together?

Hmm, it’s a head scratcher. As Lena says: “You’re rooting for them but you also know how much they’ve tortured each other so it’s this moment when you’re thinking ‘should this be happening’?" The Richard Curtis in us says ‘yes’ but the cynic says ‘no’.

 4. Is Shoshanna the new Hannah?

Lena suggests that the reasons for Shoshanna’s break up with Ray were more complex than they seemed. “She’s in the same place Hannah was at the start of the first season…(she’s in the mind set of) ‘I just need to be alone and I can’t explain myself.’”

 5. Hannah and Adam back together- why?

“I hope in the future we’ll be able to see them really give it go and be on the same page at the same time….(Adam) just needed to, and I hate these set of words – but get his woman.”


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