Lena Dunham Directs A Fashion Film! Of Course She Does!

18 March 2013 by

What is a best friend? This is the question posed and rather softly answered by Lena Dunham (oh please) in her latest project, a short fashion film for her good friend and designer, Rachel Antonoff, below.

The film - a sort of Wes Anderson homage with lots of short shorts, Danish furniture, excessive eyeliner and weird food (salt on toast, sure) - stars Lena’s actress sister, Grace, and New York Times writer-slash-Jessa-a-like, Alice Gregory. It also showcases the designer’s preppy styles and quirky collection via a typical Brooklyn hipster’s environs.

So yeah, given the cast, crew and sitch, it’s essentially one big Greenpoint/HBO in-joke. For those not in the know, here is what we’ve learned about Lena, Rachel and the most Girls-y fashion film ever…

1. Rachel Antonoff is a designer…

… famed for her indie-girl dresses, vintage-style prints and novelty sweaters. A bit like JW Anderson except more on the QT.

2. An indie designer who also likes a theme…

Her ready-to-wear collections tend to reference the sort of thing you’d expect it to. To wit: Autumn/Winter 2010 was all about Nancy Drew. 2011's collection was inspired by Peter Pan. No cuss intended but, obvs.

3. All of which probably explains why Rachel Antonoff recently collaborated with Bass shoes (think loafers! for girls!), which were subsequently…

… seen fairly prolifically on the feet of Lena Dunham’s character Hannah in Girls. The final connection here is that Rachel’s brother is…

4. Jack Antonoff, from the band FUN

You know who they are, otherwise Google them and stop wasting our time. 

5. And finally, Jack is currently dating Lena Dunham. IRL.


Oh and it’s probably worth mentioning that Adam Driver, aka Adam from Girls, narrates the whole thing.

In an English accent. A perfect, English accent. Of course he does.

Meta, or WHAT?



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