EE BAFTA Awards 2013: Laura Whitmore Will Host A 360° Red Carpet Show!

04 February 2013 by

With just a week to go until the EE British Academy of Film Awards at London's Royal Opera House, the A-list attendees should by now be deciding on their red carpet looks for the big night. We can't wait to see which designers they'll be wearing, if there are any emerging style trends and dare we say it, any disasters. But for the first time in the UK, viewers will be able to watch the red carpet in full 360°. Yes, it'll be like you're actually there. Except less cold than if you were really standing about outside in the middle of February. Brr.

Following in the footsteps of last year's diva hostess with the mostest Miss Piggy, Laura Whitmore will anchor the red carpet coverage. Interviewing the stars of the big screen as they make their way to the awards, EE will stream the event live using four multi-cameras and cutting edge, 360° technology allowing you the viewer to pan left, right, up and down so you can see your favourite celebs from every angle. Yikes! We had a chat with Laura to see how she's feeling before one of the biggest nights in the awards season calendar...

Grazia Daily: 360° technology - that's different?

Lura Whitmore: It's a woman’s worst nightmare! I don’t really full understand how it works but with tv you’re always pushing boundaries and it gives viewers a chance to experience what it would be like to be there. You can be sitting at home on your iPad looking at who I’m interviewing and then turn the camera round and see who is walking up the carpet next. When I think of 360, I think of the matrix.

Grazia Daily: Are you nervous about following in Miss Piggy's footsteps?

Laura Whitmore: I don’t know how I can even fill her shoes especially as her shoes are a lot smaller than mine! She was the most recognisable face on that carpet last year so I have a lot to compete with.

Grazia Daily: You'll be interviewing some of Hollywood's finest. Who are you most excited about meeting?

Laura Whitmore: I’ve never interviewed Ben Affleck before. You can never say no to George Clooney and there are rumours that Meryl Streep might be presenting an award and I’m a huge fan of hers.

Grazia Daily: Do you get starstruck?

Laura Whitmore: I don’t get star-struck by the obvious people, I get starstruck by people like David Hasselhoff because I loved Knight Rider when I was a kid. When you're interviewing you’re on a buzz and you’re in the zone. It's afterwards that you step back and you’re like, 'oh holy god I can’t believe I did that.'

Grazia Daily: What are you going to wear? Have you picked your outfit?

Laura Whitmore: I haven’t a clue, I should probably know by now. I’ve tried on a few dresses so I have a good bit of choice but the problem is we are in lovely London and we’re not in LA so it’s freezing on that carpet and I need a bit of practicality but you want a bit of glamour as well. I might go for either long sleeves or, don’t tell anyone, but thermal underwear underneath the dress. You need to do it because there’s no point having this amazing dress, where you’re half naked and your skin turns blue and you’ve got goose pimples. It’s one of the few occasions where you have to go floor length, you have to wear a gown.

Grazia Daily: Which designer would you love to wear?

Laura Whitmore: I’m not going to wear it because it’s already been worn but Kate Hudson wore Alexander McQueen to the Golden Globes and it was a black, long sleeved dress with gold embellishment and a gold collar. I thought that was fabulous. I’ve tried on 10 dresses so far and I have around 50 more to try on. It’s really fun but sometimes I wish I was Sabrina the Teenage Witch or something so I can just click my fingers and voila. Trying to get in and out of them is not that glamorous.

Grazia Daily: What will you do when you're finished on the red carpet?

Laura Whitmore: I’m so excited, I finish on the red carpet just as the doors close for the ceremony to start. They’re going to escort me in, I get to go to the dinner, I get to go to the after party, and I get to go to the awards so I am very excited.

Grazia Daily: Are you rooting for anyone in particular to win the EE Rising Star Award?

Laura Whitmore: This year it’s all about the ladies, there is just the one guy who was in the Life of Pi battling it out against all the ladies. I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Olsen, I think she’s great, but I think just to even be nominated... If you look in the past at people who have been nominated it’s not just the winner but everyone seems to have done so well from that. I think everyone who is on the list is good but I hope a girl wins for a change.

Grazia Daily: Have you got any celebrity crushes that might be there on the night?

Laura Whitmore: Probably most of them, especially when they’re wearing a suit as well! A guy looks well when he’s scrubbed up in a suit. I think most of the guys who will be on that carpet will be very charming and good looking men so I’ll try and act cool. There’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself in front of someone you fancy. I’m always embarrassing myself in interviews, I just go 'ha ha ha it’s a joke, I’m Irish, yay.'

Grazia Daily: What’s the most unpredictable thing about what you’re doing?

Laura Whitmore: It’s everything together, you’re going to scare me now! The technology - thankfully that’s not my job to look after - but I am realising that the cameras can be looking at me from all angles and in-between interviews the cameras will still be rolling so you can see if I’m a horrible person behind the scenes or adjusting my dress, taking my knickers out of my bum but I suppose that’s all part of it, it’s exciting. I love doing shows that are live. I suppose it’s unpredictable who’s going to walk down the carpet at what time, you can never tell a Hollywood A-lister ‘please arrive at this time’ because that’s not going to work. We’re very lucky to have a good spot on the carpet but there’s other reporters interviewing as well so the celebrities might go to them too.

Laura Whitmore will host EE BAFTAs 360° Red Carpet Show on Sunday 10 February from 5-7pm, available to watch live via the EE Film app or live on You can always tweet your questions for Laura to put to the stars by tweeting @thewhitmore using the #EEBAFTAs hashtag.


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