Lady Geek's Hall Of Shame: 5 Pointless Pinkifications

16 January 2013

Everyone loves a bit of pink, but too often clueless marketing execs think all they have to do to get women to buy a product is ‘pink it and shrink it’. Tech gurus @LadyGeek want to end this and shame five everyday items that have been insultingly ‘pinkified’...


1. Fujitsu Kiss

What do you mean you still use a normal laptop for work? Don’t you realise that’s damaging your dainty feminine hands? You need the Fujitsu Floral Kiss, with its crystal caps lock and latch openable by even the flimsiest of nail extensions.  Best of all it comes with inbuilt daily horoscopes! So fetch!

2. Science: It’s a girl thing..!

A video from the European Commission promoting science for girls? Sounds like a great idea. What’s that you say? The female scientists you feature are all dolled up sex kittens strutting in high heels and pouting at the camera, while a male colleague leers at them over his glasses? Oh.... Does the phrase more harm than good mean anything to you?

3. BIC For Her

A pen. For women. Praise be! Because there’s something about normal pens that makes them so masculine, don’t you think? It’s not like we’ve used them for centuries without giving them a second thought or anything. Thank the lord they now come in pink, so us girls can finally get down to some of that writing we’ve been hearing so much about.

Honda Fit She’s

4. Honda Fit She’s

It’s not the awful name that gets us. We can even live with the cutesy pink design. But telling us the air-conditioning system will improve our skin? First, why do Honda assume we’re all so vain we need our car for beauty treatments? And second, what do they think we are, stupid? Thank god this hasn’t made it out of Japan.


5. Tomboy Tools

You know those shelves that you never got round to putting up? I bet it was because your tools were just too damned manly, wasn’t it? Thankfully this kit is more Penelope Pitstop than Handy Andy. Because DIY is for women, too (so long as they’re building a Barbie Dreamhouse).

Tweet us any other 'pink it and shrink it' examples you think should feature in our Pink Hall of Shame.

Lady Geek's Hall Of Shame: 5 Pointless Pinkifications

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