Lady Geek's 10 Hot Gadgets To Help Turn Camping into Glamping

26 June 2014

GALLERY >> 10 Hot Gadgets To Turn Camping into Glamping

1. Sony Xperia Z2

One of the best new phones on the market is also one of the most camping friendly. The Z2 not only features a 20.7 MP camera and 4K video recording, it also boasts a completely waterproof body. That means that even if you’re up to your waist in swamp water, you can still tweet the world a high-def photo of how into nature you are. Phew.

£569.99 - [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

2. JBL Pulse

Didn’t get a Glastonbury ticket? Not to worry. Set up these pulsating speakers outside your tent and crank out some Arcade Fire, Metallica and, erm, Dolly Parton to recreate the experience. All you need is an ageing hippy to tell you it was better in the old days.

£169.95 - [a target="_blank" href="">John Lewis[/a]

3. Go Pro

Everyone’s talking about the GoPro, the super-portable, super-hardy camera that can be attached to almost anything. Document your festival experience in minute detail, or take some astonishing shots of the great outdoors. Just make sure it’s turned off during your morning trip to the portaloos... 

£359.99 - [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

4. Anker Astro 3E

Yes, you want to getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life and be at one with nature. But do you really want to do it without access to Twitter? Keep all your gadgets running on full tanks with this superpowered charge pack.

£25.99 - [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

5. MSR Flex 4 Cooking System

Carrying all the kitchen gear you need for a decent dining experience will have you clanging around like a dodgy one man band on his way home from Covent Garden. This clever system lets you carry all you need to cook for four people - including mugs, strainers and plates - into one portable pot. Culinary convenience.

£110.64 - [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

6. Handpresso Wild Hybrid

Mornings are hard. Mornings in the middle of a field are even harder. Ease the pain with this portable espresso maker, so you can wake up and smell the coffee before you smell the farm next door .

£80.59 - [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

7. The Mighty Purse

The perfect fusion between fashion and tech, the purse features a lightweight battery that can recharge gadgets on the go. Made of genuine leather, it brings a touch of class to the unglamorous business of keeping your emails flowing while standing in a big muddy field.

£79.99 - [a target="_blank" href=""> [/a]

8. Body Glove Shock Suit

If your iPhone is your life, prep it for the great outdoors with this rugged casing. Offering ample protection against bumps, scuffs and scratches, it’ll help make your dainty smartphone hardier than the lovechild of Bear Grylls and Ranulph Fiennes.

£27.49 - f[a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

9. PayFriendz App

Camping tends to be a cash-point free zone. Problem is, you’ve just bought all the booze for the weekend and now nobody can pay you back. Thank God for the the Payfriendz app, which allows you to transfer money quickly and simply between each other and avoid any capacity for shirking. You might even say you use Payfriendz to stay friends (sorry).

10. Bose Quiet Comfort 15

The sound of the birds. The babbling brook. The wind in the trees. Isn’t it magical? Well, yeah, right up until the moment you’re trying to get some sleep. Find your own inner peace with these noise cancelling headphones.

£259.95 - [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

Whether you’re doing the festival thang or simply getting more acquainted with mother nature, the great outdoors doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Add a bit of glamp to your camp with these must-have gadgets, as recommended by our pals at Lady Geek...


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