Lady Geek’s Lust List: 5 Gadgets for Him This Valentine's Day

14 February 2013

Chocolates? Flowers? So passé. Show off your technophilic side this Valentine's Day and surprise your partner with one our most lusted after gadgets.

1. The Pebble Watch, £150 + Postage & Packing

It’s time for him to throw away that ropey ‘Rolex’ he got down the market, and get smart. 2013 will be the year everyone owns a smartwatch - and right now the Pebble is the best around. It beams texts and emails from your phone to your wrist, tracks your exercise and controls your music. Oh, and it tells time too... The gorgeous E-Ink display - letting him swap clock-faces to suit his mood - helps make this one of the in-demand gadgets of the new year. So in-demand, in fact, that they’re only accepting pre-orders, meaning you might need to get him something sweet in the meantime while he waits for his new toy to arrive.

2. BlackBerry Z10 - Available for as little as £29.99

BlackBerrys don’t usually interest us, traditionally being the preserve of email junkies and angry suits, but that might be about to change with this new handset. Although the Z10 easily handles the usual business tasks, what we love about is that it’s great for other things as well, boasting a sexy new operating system and a top camera. The first BlackBerry for someone who likes the pub as much as the office.

3. Sony RX100 Digital compact camera - £549

Does your special someone think of himself as a bit of a photographer? Is he forever taking ‘arty’ snaps at dull family events? This super-compact camera boasts a 24-megapixel sensor that outperforms many larger, more expensive models, helping him snap away like the pro he’s always dreamed of being. He might only be photographing your uncle’s barbecue, but there’s no harm in letting him feel like David Bailey.

4. Microsoft Surface From £399

Last Autumn Microsoft finally plunged into the tablet market with the Surface, and we think there’s loads going for it. The Windows 8 interface - problematic on PCs - looks gorgeous here, and the whole package treads a nice line between sofa-toy and work-tool. One of our favourite features is the smart-cover that doubles up as a keyboard, meaning he can type wherever he is. To churn out love-letters to you, obviously.

5. Couple App - Free on iOS and Android

If Darcy and Elizabeth had smartphones, they’d have been all over this. Couple is a private instant messenger for you and your other half, letting you share chats, videos, photos and drawings through the day. Each 'moment' you share is logged, building up a sweet catalogue of your relationship (or a painful archive if you ever break up...). A nice (if a bit soppy) touch lets you virtually ‘kiss’ using your thumbprints. Mwah!

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