Kim Kardashian Misses Kanye; Our Top Tips For Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

01 July 2014 by

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim and Kanye  [Getty]

Poor celebrities. It’s hard for them with their busy careers and their beautiful spouses. No, it really is. Just last week Jamie Hince admitted that he gets separation anxiety when he’s away from his wife Kate Moss. Telling a newspaper, ‘My wife is very much my sidekick, so I tend to get separation anxiety when I’m away from her.’

And this week Kim Kardashian has admitted that being away from Kanye is like, REALLY hard. Posting a picture of the couple on their wedding day she captioned it, ‘I miss him so much! #tourlife #hurryhome.’ And we have to sympathise. Let’s face it long distance relationships aren’t easy to navigate, even if you are a megastar. Here’s our top seven tips to surviving that long distance love…

1. Skype and Viber are your friends

You may as well face facts if you want to have a successful long distance relationship you’re going to need to get used to staring at a computer screen.

2. Fill your spare time

There’s no use spending all of your time moping, staring longingly at the life size teddy bear your better half gave you for your six month anniversary. Nope, you gotta get out there girl! The busier you are, the quicker time will pass before you next see each other.

3. Set a goal

The time has come for honesty folks. You need to work out how long you think you can take being away from the person you love and then you need to tell them.

Jamie Hince Kate Moss

Jamie says he misses Kate, AW [getty]

4. Be realistic

If your boyfriend is moving to Germany for a year to further his career, it’ll probably work out. If he’s shipping out to [insert the name of somewhere SUPER remote here] where there is no phone signal, he won’t have access to a computer and the nearest post office is 657 miles away, we hate to break it to you, but it may be time to let this one go.

5. Go old school

Send each other mix tapes and gifts and letters. Who doesn’t love post right? Right.

6. Plan your time together

Don’t waste your time lamenting the fact that he’s going to be leaving again in three days, go out, have fun or stay in and have all the sex. Literally. All. Of. It.

7. If all else fails… Move

What? It was always your dream to live in North Wales too…


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