Meet Karry Stenner! 5 Things To Know About Harry Styles' (Possible) New Lady

21 November 2013 by

Meet Karry Stenner! Are Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Dating?

The 1D fans have long been ship'ing these two [crackshipss]

Er, hello! Just what have we here? A beautiful young Harry Styles taking an equally beautiful Kendall Jenner out for dinner in Los Angeles, THAT’S WHAT. Could they be on their way to becoming one of the most genetically blessed couples on the planet?

Harry and Kendall (Karry? Hendall?) were spotted leaving Craigs restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday looking ever so happy to be in one another company. Despite the fact that they tried to sneak out the back door eagle eyed photographers snapped them in Harry’s car as they left – er, never heard of tinted windows guys?

Their relationship has caused a flurry of excitement from One Direction fans who have apparently been hoping they would get together for a while. We know this because there are hundreds of pictures of them comped together all over the internet. There is even a Tumblr dedicated to them called 'Karry Stenner,' showcasing a large number of this photographs.

However, their burgeoning relationship may not be popular with everyone. One person who might not be so happy though is bandmate Naill Horan as he's previously admitted to fancying Kendall himself, he said, 'She's so cute and I'm a sucker for nice eyes.' Awkward.

Kendall has faced a bout of controversy this week when, just over a week after her 18th birthday she released pictures of herself in a ‘racy’ – LOL – new photoshoot where you can see her actual nipples. The image taken by fashion photographer Russell James and according to her Instagram caption which read, ‘Can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the photos,’ there’s more to come. We bet Harry can’t wait.

Not one to be outdone, Kendall’s sister Kylie also has herself a famous boyfriend type in the shape of Jaden Smith aka Will Smith’s son. Although they have always insisted they are ‘just friends,’ they have regularly been seen holding hands with one another. Jaden is also a regular at Kardashian family get togethers, when a video was recently leaked of Kanye Wests proposal to Kim, Jaden was seen running around in the background. Maybe Hazza will be popping up on an episode of KUWTK soon too?!

If you are not aux faux with the younger members of the Kardashian clan her's our favourite five facts about Kendall...

1. Kendall is really into cheerleading

Both Kendall and Kylie were cheerleaders at their high schools - however Kendall is no longer in education having dropped out to be a model. Maybe they could become One D's official cheerleaders?

2. OPI have named not one, but two nailvarnishes after her

How cool is that? If you want to pick up the colours yourself they're called, 'All Kendall'ed Up,' and 'Kendall on the Katwalk,' because she's a model huh?

3. Kendall's first modelling job was for Forever 21

You know, the colourful American teen fashion brand. Cool.

4. She has a BIG family

Kendall has 8 brothers and sisters, some of them are halves and they include not only the Kardashian's but Brody Jenner, you know, from the Hills?

Meet Karry Stenner! Are Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Dating?

5. Her and Kylie got their own clothing line this year

Yep, they might be young but just like the Kardashian sisters, Kendall and Kylie have to get started on their empire early. They have their own clothing line calleddd... 'Kendall and Kylie.' Not the most imaginative of names we have to say.

Meet Karry Stenner! Are Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Dating?


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