Kate Moss Week: Mossy And Her Men From Johnny To Jamie

29 May 2013

We have dedicated the new issue of Grazia, to Kate Moss, who is celebrating her 40th birthday this month, with iconic pictures from throughout her stellar career and tributes from some of the industry's biggest names. Pick up your issue now to see every Mossy morsel but in the meantime, get in the celebratory spirit with a look back at her some of her finest beaus...

25 Years Of Kate Moss: Mossy And Her Men From Johnny Depp To Jamie Hince

Kate Moss' relationship history is the ONLY thing that has kept us more interested than her style over the years, and just like her wardrobe her list of ex's is an incredibly eclectic collection of the high end, the shabby chic and the cutting edge cool.

There's been one darn hot actor, two insanely talented museos and one trailblazing journo. The rest of Kate's back catalogue of male companions is something of a modern wonder, made up of Hollywood golden boys and rock royalty. Blonde or brown, tall or short (ish!), anything goes - the only prerequisite is that if you're not actually a rockstar, you at least know how to party like one.

We all know about Johnny, Pete, Jefferson and hubby Hince, but what of Kate's lesser-known trysts? In 1998 she was rumoured to have hooked up with Lemonheads singer Evan Dando after being introduced to him by the Gallagher brothers, and in 1999 she was linked to Spacehog guitarist Antony Langdon.

Kate spend New Year skiing in Aspen with Jamie Burke, a 20-year-old long-haired model and millionaire's son. A dalliance with Russell Brand followed in 2006. He outed their affair in his autobiography, moaning 'I f***ed that up because I really, really liked her.' And then there was her dabble with 007, in the wake of her split from Jefferson Hack in 2004, Kate and Daniel Craig allegedly spent a weekend together in New York.

1. Kate and Johnny

But our fascination with her boyfriends officially began back in the 90s, because before Brangelina, there was Johnny and Kate -  the ultimate, and totally mesmerising 'It' couple. She was the world's most celebrated supermodel and he was the to-die-for and smoulderingly cool centre-piece of young 90s Hollywood. We can never, ever, ever, ever, get enough of pouring over old pics of them or watching countless reruns of THAT Big Breakfast interview...

2. Kate and Jefferson

Watched it, like, twenty million times? Yeah, us too. But everyone has to move on eventually, and once Kate had dried her tears, the next man who caught her eye was Dazed & Confused co-founder and man-about-town Jefferson Hack, who was to become the father of her first child, the lovely Lila Grace.

3. Kate and Pete

After Jefferson, Kate decided once and for all that her place in life was on the arm of a rockstar. First up was the hopelessly charming (or is that charmingly hopeless?) Mr Pete Doherty, the then lead singer of The Libertines. The couple got us in a right head spin with their make-ups and break-ups and while we loved her 'I'm with the band' wardrobe for a while, it was all a bit too Courtney and Kurt for our liking.

4. Kate and Jamie

Then Kate found a rocker to make an honest man of - roll up Jamie Hince. A man with all the muso-credentials of Doherty, but none of the rock 'n' roll cliches, we think him and Ms Moss are the perfect match.

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Words: Tabi Jackson Gee


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