Kate Moss Week: Watch The Supermodel's Best Music Video Cameos

28 May 2013

Kate turns 40 this month. Its no secret that Mossy is a muse, and over the years she's inspired a whole load of musicans as well as fashion designers. Everyone from Elton John to Primal Scream has had her perform in their videos. She stars in the hottest video of all time 'I just don't know what to do with myself' by the White Stripes, where she spends two and a half minutes whipping around a stripper pole. 

Moss has also picked up the mic as she sang on Primal Scream's 'Some Velvet Morning and co-wrote songs for the Babyshambles and sang on La Belle et la Bête avec Pete Doherty. Remember when she took to the stage at Glasto to sing with Pete?

In the late 90s Moss played the tambourine on Oasis tracks with Depp playing the guitar. Her relationship with Johnny Depp has also inspired a song by LA duo We Met Her, called 'Tonikt We Ride (Johnny And Kate)'. It was about time someone made a musical tribute to the coolest couple in the history of the world. 

Kate has a weakness for musicians and we totally thought that The Kills may become a three-man-band when she shacked up with Jamie Hince. But alas Alison Mosshart has made it very clear that there is only room for one Moss(hart) on stage with Jamie. 

Here's a run down of our favourite Mossy music moments. She sure likes to play the ol' femme fatale!

Stage Dolls - Love Don't Bother Me

Kate goes Western and makes out with a hottie. Very nostalgic, very cringe-worthy, and therefore totally brilliant.

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

A Grammy Winner! And we should hope so too, it's choc-a-bloc full of celebs and shot in black and white. Mossy dances with a fedora on her head and wine glass in her hand - it's perfection.

Marianne Faithfull - Sex With Strangers

Of course Mossy made a music video with Mick Jagger's ex. It's all a bit confusing - Moss spends most of the video on her flip mobile phone and standing in front of big creepy wooden doors, but it's pretty rock n' roll. 

Elton John - Something About The Way You Look Tonight

This is the ultimate 90s seduction song, starring the most saught-after lady of the decade. Kate Moss quite simply takes our breath away in her mini and impressive golden tan.

White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Prepare to watch one of the hottest music videos, EVER. For 2.54 minutes Kate Moss dances on a pole in just a teeny pair of black lingerie and stilettos. Mossy showcases some jaw-dropping stripping skills, spinning around and riding up and down the pole, while keeping her model compusure and flipping her hair as if she was in a L'Oreal ad.

Primal Scream - Kowalski

Moss whacks on a leather jacket and plays the part of a gangster, stealing a Dodge Challenger with Devon Aoki and then beating up and running over the band. There is a bizarre scene where she force feeds a bald man with fruit loops. Bobby, Kate... Here's a thought, why don't you make another music vid together? We'll be eternally grateful.

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Words: Tabi Jackson Gee


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