Karlie Kloss And Poppy Delevingne Shared Photos Of Their Removed Wisdom Teeth?! Here's 8 Other Social Media Overshares

02 September 2013 by

We're all for getting a sneaky behind the scenes insight into celebrities' lives but sometimes we do get the feeling that they've got a little bit too comfortable on social media judging by what they're sharing. The two latest culprits? Poppy Delevingne and Karlie Kloss, who recently posted pictures of their removed wisdom teeth. Now we're not squeamish by any means but teeth kind of freak us out; anything that comes out of your mouth can stay firmly out of sight thanks very much. Although props to Poppy for using her removed teeth as a chance to show off her red manicure - that certainly beats a nail varnish bottle. Here's 8 other instances of celebs sharing too much.

1. Cara Delevingne

When a bird pooed on Cara's head, rather than wipe it off, the model of the minute took TWO pictures to post to Instagram. There's a little bit on your nose too babe.

Picture: Cara Delevingne Instagram

2. Kelly Osbourne

After Kelly Osbourne decided a well-known body spray brand had burned her skin, she went on a Twitter rant. "Gentle on skin my ass!" tweeted a fuming Kelly, who was on Dancing With The Stars at the time. We're super glad this mishap provided the opportunity we never knew we needed to see Kelly's armpit.

Picture: Kelly Osbourne Twitter

3. Katy Perry

HEY KP back it up. Jennifer Aniston gets pregnancy rumours all day, every day and you know what she does? Ignore it. (Apart from that time she brought chicken eggs to Conan O'Brien in some kind of, "I'm not pregnant" statement that we didn't really understand but that they seemed to find hilarious.) Katy Perry however, chose to shut down the preganancy rumour mill by letting the world know she had her period. You stay classy KP.

katy perry

Picture: Katy Perry Twitter

4. Chantelle Houghton


chantelle houghton

Picture: Chantelle Houghton Twitter

5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

These two have had a baby so we're guessing some hanky panky happened at least once. Not sure how necessary it was to provide visuals for it though. *Shudders*

Picture: Kim Kardashian Instagram

6. Jessica Simpson

We're big fans of J-Simp, but when she posted this picture of herself on the loo with the caption, "Short girl problems," we got the feeling she might have gone a little bit too far. Plus, who took the picture??

Picture: Jessica Simpson Twitter

7. Ke$ha

Nope. Not having that. WAY too far off the mark.

Picture: Ke$ha Twitter

8. Geri Haliwell


Picture: Geri Halliwell Twitter


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