As Justin Timberlake Relaunches Myspace, Here's 7 Things We Miss About The Original

18 January 2013 by

So everyone’s left Facebook. Well not everyone, but 600,000 people which is about the population of Dusseldorf or North Yorkshire, so a sizeable amount. We’re told ‘more may follow’, too. So that's that.

As Justin Timberlake Relaunches Myspace, Here's 7 Things We Miss About Original Myspace

This leaves us with two alternatives: landlines or Myspace, that pioneering social network site which was to the early noughties what Facebook was to 2010, and which has been relaunched under the helm of Justin Timberlake, albeit by proxy, to coincide with his return to the industry after a six-year hiatus in which he went to Hollywood, appeared on Saturday Night Live and got married. As options go, it might seem archaic but if you remember than 2004 was a time when Sigur Ros and The O.C., were groundbreaking cultural events, it makes more sense.

Plus, given that I have to switch off my Broadband in order to get a line, Myspace it is.

With that in mind, here are 7 things we miss about original Myspace

1. Arranging ‘top friends’

On Myspace, you displayed your friends like pixelated trophies on your homepage. You had a top nine, or something, and depending on how the evening before panned out, the order of ‘friends’ would change.

2. The awkwardness of arranging your friends

Genuinely falling out with people over who was first in your top nine despite no longer being 11. This was countered by filling your top 9 with bands. Or just having 'Tom'.

3. ‘Tom’

So ‘Tom’ was the guy who probably set up Myspace. No one really questioned his existence because much like a tadpole, ‘Tom’ was everyone’s first friend. He wore a white t-shirt and seemed to be really, really pleased to be involved in the project.

4. How it made us vain

Except for me! My profile picture was of a filleted Estonian reindeer because I was edgy and well-travelled.

5. How we never used the bulletin board

So like your events page, but more formal-sounding. Like ‘whoever nicked my almond milk can they please just put it back’ signs in halls but marginally more fun.

6. The horror of divulging our interests

Self-promotion is pretty awful at the best of times. That we included ‘baby pink’ and ‘burlesque’ as interests is unforgiveable.

7. How it introduced us to online stalking

Pretty much a game-changer.



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