Jennifer Aniston Saves The Day With Her Stripper Skills In 'We're The Millers' Trailer

23 May 2013 by

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In Jen An's new flick We're The Millers, Jason Sudeikis puts together a fake family to travel to Mexico to bring back a 'smidge of marujana' in return for $100,000. So he rounds up a boy and a girl to play his kids and a cheap stripper to play his wife. Of course this is a terrible idea. In the 2.39 minute trailer the boy's balls get bitten by a tarantula, there is a smoking vehicle and swinging in a trailer park. But the overriding message of the trailer is that Jennifer Aniston's stripper bod will save the day.

In the trailer for The Break Up seven years ago, it closed with a dripping wet naked Jennifer Aniston. It worked. Now as soon as Jennifer Aniston signs onto a new project, film bosses must start plotting how they can include a Jennifer Aniston naked body cameo. In We're The Millers the fake family are captured by some international drug dealers with 'don't mess with us' machine girls strapped around their necks. To prove that they aren't a real family they get Jennifer Aniston, the stripper with a thing for wigs, to show them the money makers.

jennifer aniston, the millers, stripper

She unbuttons her 'I'm just a normal soccer mom' uniform, stripping down to nude see-through lace lingerie. It's stripper magic - sparks appear behind her and somehow her bra gets splashed in water.

So what's the secret behind her rock hard stripper physique? Jen An is a loyal yoga devotee and has said that she practices at least three times a week. She said beck in 2010 'Yoga strengthens my muscles and gives me a great sense of peace and calm. It also improves my breathing and centres me. I usually follow yoga with about 40 minutes of cardio – hiking, running or at the gym.'

Watch Jennifer Aniston's stripper skills save the day in the trailer below


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