It's The 125th Anniversary Of The Eiffel Tower! Here's 5 TV Moments That Made Us Want To Live In Paris

31 March 2014 by

Shout out to the Eiffel Tower! The iconic Parisian building is 125 years old today. Completed in 1889, it was commissioned to mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and is still visited by seven million people a year.

The famous landmark is one of the many, MANY reasons we want to live move to Paris. Alongside the delicious food (hello, macaroons), amazing fashion, art and... err.. the French hotties. Imagine just popping to the for a crepe with your handsome French boo on your way home from work. SWOON!

[Sex And The City]

To celebrate the tourist attraction's big day, we've decided to look back at the beginnings of our love affair with the city: its best TV appearances. We're pretty certain if we hadn't watched Mary Kate And Ashley scooter around the city aged 10 we certainly wouldn't want to live there so much.

Here are five iconic TV moments that made us fall in love with city.

1. Mary Kate And Ashley - Passport To Paris

Not technically a TV show, but still a straight-to-TV movie, Mary Kate And Ashley's adventures in the city of love feature mopeds, a run in with the police and two cute French boys called Jean and Michel.

2.Gossip Girl

Serena and Blair enjoy a summer vacation in Paris at the start of season four of the show. Sporting a series of swoon-worthy outfits, they visit the Musee D'Orsay, the Eiffel Tower and the Gare du Nord.

3. Sex And The City

Oh, the 'An American Girl in Paris' episode! Carrie heads to the French capital with a wardrobe jam-packed full of stylish clothes… only to have a lonely time. That's until Big turns up to save the day. Yay!

4. The Hills

Never has the word Paris been uttered so much in a TV series. LC is told she'll forever been known as the 'girl who didn't go to Paris' when she turns down a work trip to hang out with Jason on the beach. BIG MISTAKE. A year later she gets another opportunity to go, falls for a French man and goes for a late night motorbike ride around the city.

5. Beverley Hills, 90210

Brenda and Donna's trip to Paris starts off a little shaky when Donna struggles to grasp the language and has a tiff with a baker. Whoops! The visit gets a whole lot more exciting when she's model-scouted and whisked off to a glamorous photoshoot though.


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