It's Grazia Tuesday! A PLaylist To Celebrate Katie Holmes Brand New Career Change

12 February 2013 by

In the third of a new weekly column, Rob Fitzpatrick has created a bespoke Spotify Playlist for Grazia Daily. This week, to mark Katie Holmes' sparkling new career change - read more in the latest issue - he's created an empowering playlist for the soon-to-be Q.C. Holmes. Congratz, babes.

You might have thought the fragrant Katie Holmes would have seen enough of the inside of a courtroom for a while, but it seems there’s nothing quite like a global-profile divorce wrangle to sharpen some people’s appetite for law. This week, 34-four-year old Katie is, we’re told, studying to become a lawyer.

And who can blame her? To be honest, if our ex was, well, we all know where he stands on certain religion, we’d be looking into every type of legal protection we could muster too. Perhaps some military ones as well.

Anyhow, the law is in Katie’s blood - Katie apparently showed an interest in law before becoming an actress while her father Martin guided her throughout her separation from Tom Cruisev -and it’s good to know where your next paycheck is coming from, isn’t it? Have you seen the price of children’s couture recently? So we’re all for this fork-in-the-road career-change dynamic and here’s a playlist to celebrate it.

Excellent French electro-pop duo Juveniles kick off with a hymn to all Hard Working Girls, while Destiny’s Child proudly knock back all those who would try to control them as they declare, “I depend on me…” Back in 1985, when Katie was a just few months older than Suri is now, Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin praised how “Sisters” were now, “doctors, lawyers, politicians too”, while Hall & Oates’ song may actually be about something a little more biological than simply returning to further education, but it’s a great record. In 99 Problems Jay-Z delivers a brilliant lesson in dealing with traffic violations, vehicle searches, drug smuggling and racial profiling. “I ain’t passed the bar,” he says, ”but I know a l’il bit…” while Kitty Wells’ 1962 hit asks if even a lawyer could be smart enough to straighten things out with the big man upstairs. Finally, Donna Summer’s 1983 smash is the ultimate, air-punching big-up to working “moms” everywhere. Now, Ms Holmes, hit the books. Your new life awaits…


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