It's Freezing Cold Outside! Here's 10 Indoor Activities To Do This Easter Weekend

28 March 2013 by

Baby it's cold outside, and it's Easter. Apparently it's something to do with a jet stream, or climate change, or something... Either way we don't really care. We would just like a small sign of spring please. Is that too much to ask?

Sadly though, it doesn't look like the warmer weather's going to pop up anytime before Easter. So our weekend plans pretty much consist of locking the front door, hunkering down and shivering under the duvet. If that sounds like the gist of your weekend too, then here's 10 handy (indoor) activities to keep you occupied. Turn up the heating and stick the kettle on; we're in for the long haul.

1. Decorate Easter Eggs

Contrary to what the weather wants you to believe, it is actually Easter this weekend. So make like Martha Stewart and decorate some eggs to brighten up your home. These napkin decoupage ones are our fave. Full instructions here.

martha stewart decoupage eggs

2. Learn The Ancient Art Of Beer Pong

Practially a national sport in America, beer pong is slowly but surely making it's way over to our fair shores. To play, all you need is a few willing pals, paper cups, lots and lots of beer (or cocktails for a girly spin), a table and a ping pong ball. Full instructions here. Lots and lots of fun guaranteed.

girly beer pong

3. Grab A Partner To Snuggle Up With And Catch Up On The Walking Dead

If you've not got into America's most watched show yet, don't be put off by the whole zombie thing; it's definitely not just for boys. The current season 3 has got us shouting at the telly and biting our nails down to stumps. Plus Rick (also known as Andrew Lincoln from Teachers and Love Actually fame) is HOT.

andrew lincoln the walking dead

4. Make A Spectacular Roast Dinner

You've got oodles of time so pull out all the stops and really go to town. Easter's traditional meat is lamb and we like Marco Pierre White's version. Follow his tips in this simple video to make sure you get your roast perfect.

5. Try Out A New Beauty Look

We're big fans of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. She's made-up everyone from Katy Perry to Cate Blanchett. She also does her very own easy-to-follow make-up tutorials. She's got loads of different looks to try so head to her website to try out your fave.

6. Get Into Slow Cooking

Pulled pork is definitely having a moment. You've got heaps of time (for once) so eight hours of marinating and a couple of hours roasting is a total doddle. We can promise you won't be disappointed with the results. Serve in a brioche bun with tons of coleslaw. Get the super easy-to-follow recipe here.

pulled pork

7. Rescue Old Clothes By Turning Them Into Fashion Masterpieces

Sick of your old jumper? Why not upcycle them? With a little bit of creativity, last seasons trash can become this season's treasure. Find loads of DIY tutorials on the Trash To Couture website.

trash to couture

8. Curl Up With A Good Book

What do you MEAN you haven't read Gone Girl yet? Gillian Flynn's nail-biting thriller about the disappearance of a midwestern housewife will keep you guessing right until the end. With the film rights snapped up and Reese Witherspoon tipped to produce the big-screen adaption, it's won't be long before Gone Girl reaches the popularity levels of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Make sure you're in the know before then!

gone girl

9. Organise Your Bloody Wardrobe

Use these tips to make sure you're making the most of your clothes.

sex and the city carrie wardrobe


Because when else are you going to get a chance?

cat asleep kitten


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