Auditions For The X Factor, Series 10 Have Begun! Let's Remember The 10 Best Auditions

04 June 2013 by

Audtions For Series 10 Of The X Factor Have Begun! Let's Remember The 10 Best Auditions Ever

Tears, tantrums and very dodgy fashion choices, The X Factor Series 10 kicked off with the judges auditions today in Glasgow. This year Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh are joined by Nicole Scherzinger and our favourite judge ever, Sharon Osbourne. While there's no word yet on what horrors this year's contestants have got in store for us, we're super excited at the prospect of having the talent show back on our screens.

To celebrate, we've taken a look back at some of our favourite auditions from years gone past. Remember Ablisa? Ooh you're in for a treat.

1. Jedward - Series 6

The cheeky Irish duo rubbed Simon up the wrong way from the start. Talking in American accents, the 17-year-olds' confidence levels surpassed that of most people twice their age. Our favourite part? When Cheryl asked them where they saw themselves in 15 years, "Well, I see myself being older," quipped Jonathan-or-Edward. Top marks for singing a Backstreet Boys song too.

Oh, by the way Simon, they've now released two double platinum selling albums, represented Ireland twice in the Eurovision song contest and finished third in Celebrity Big Brother. Long live the Jedward!

2. Rebecca Ferguson - Series 7

WHAT an outfit. Even Dermot commented on it. Not only did the 23-year-old Liverpudlian mum pay homage to Audrey Hepburn in her black shift dress and pearls but she also brought along her two adorable kids.  Then she sang Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come and we got chills down our spine.

3. Rachel Lester - Series 4

Simon says she's the worst contestant ever, and we've got a feeling he might be right. Our favourite part? "What do you do at the moment?" "Nothing I'm lazy."

4. Ariel Burdett - Series 5

"I AM NOT A NUMBER. I AM A VOCALIST." And a holistic vocalist at that. Whatever that may be. Whatever it was, it wasn't good.

5. Debbie Stevens - Series 5

After directing a tirade of abuse at a chuckling Louis, Debbie stormed out of the audition room before having a lightbulb moment. Filled with a new sense of purpose she strode back into the room, asked Simon for his cup of water and prepared to throw it in Louis's face. Not one to miss a trick, Louis pre-empted her attack and grabbed his own cup first, dousing the 'singer' from head to toe.

6. Ablisa - Series 7

We know Natalie Imbruglia hasn't had a single out in a while but she's not exactly a nobody. After a dire performance of Shane Ward's That's My Goal, Abby or Lisa (we're not really sure which) asked the Torn singer who was sitting in as a guest judge exactly who she was. This embarassed her pal so much that she lamped her in the face and stormed off stage. TV gold.

7. George Gerasimou - Series 8

Coming back to 'clear his name' after an anger-filled performance with band Triple Trouble a few years ago, George's solo career didn't exactly get off to a winning start. Waggling his curiously groomed eyebrows and busting out a less-than-pitch-perfect version of Pitbull's Give Me Everything, the grumpy chap didn't take kindly to the judges negative comments and directed a tirade of abuse at Tulisa. We loved Gary's comment; "You've matured like a bad curry mate." Quite.

8. Cher Lloyd - Series 7

Love her or hate her, Cher Lloyd gave a hell of a first performance. Performing Soldier Boy's Turn My Swag On the seemingly nervous 16-year-old strutted her way around the stage belting out the vocals like nobody's business. Cheryl was made up with her and Simon's eyes practically turned to dollar signs.

9. Ant and Seb - Series 5

Ant and Seb from Wales had an interesting version of Mysterious Girl to share with the world. The brothers described their styles as a mix of P Diddy, Usher and erm, Rick Astley. Judge for yourself but we can't hear any of 'em in this bizarre rap/croon combination.

10. Alan Penfold - Series 5

Whatever, we like Alan a lot. Anyone that's managed to learn the whole rap in Michael Jackson's Black Or White is FINE BY US.


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