Happy 15th Birthday Sex And The City! Here's 15 Reasons Why We Still Love Carrie & Co

24 February 2014 by

OMG can it really be TEN YEARS since we waved bye-bye to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda? We can’t believe it but apparently yes it’s true: the final episode of Sex And The City aired in the US ten years ago.

Happy 15th Birthday, Sex And The City! Here's 15 Reasons Why We Still Love Carrie & Co

It's the show that gave us Manolo Blahnik muggings, frenemies, Cosmopolitans, funky tasting spunk and an overwhelming desire to live in New York. It prompted a million 'Which Sex And The City character am I?' conversations and even more questionable fashion choices (giant scrunchie outfit anyone?). 

We can't imagine ourselves ever getting tired of watching (and re-watching) the box sets though; can you think of a better Saturday night in? So despite a couple of (not-as-good) films, we obviously still love the groundbreaking HBO show. And here are a few reasons why….

1. Because It Had Strong Political Views


2. Because It Taught Us Important Life Lessons

3. Because It Gave Us Bradley Cooper's First TV Appearance

Bradley Cooper in SATC

4. Because It Taught Us Terms We Didn't Know Existed


5. Because Of The Fashion

6. Seriously, Because Of The Fashion

7. Because Carrie Bradshaw Did This

 Animated Gif on Giphy

8. Because The Characters Made Us Look Positively Stable

9. Because Of The Stellar Acting Skills

10. Because It Taught Us How To Drink Responsibly


11. And The Perks Of Prescription Drugs

12. Because It Taught Us Kevin And Perry Were Style Icons




13. Because Big Proposed With A Gosh Darn SHOE

14. Because It Taught Us The Appropriate Way To Talk To Shop Assistants


15. But Most Importantly Because NO-ONE MENTIONED That When Miranda Married Steve, Brady's Name Should Theoretically Have Become BRADY BRADY


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