Meet The New Dance Craze: It’s Time To Swing Your Pants-ulas!

05 December 2013

Meet The New Dance Craze: It’s Time To Swing Your Pants-ulas!

Tired of Twerking? Over Gangnam Style? It’s OK, there’s a new dance craze for your feet to get fancy to. It’s called pantsula and here’s what you need to know. It emerged in the 1980s in the townships of South Africa and has recently surged in popularity featuring in Basement Jaxx’s What a Difference Love Makes video (below), which has pulled in over half a million YouTube hits to date. To shoot the video, two dancers were brought to Johannesburg by director Damian Weilers who paid them a fee, bought them new clothes and gave them a place to stay.

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted a variation of the dance in none other than Queen Bey’s 2011 Run the World (Girls) video (below).

So, we know what you’re wondering: how do you get in on the pantsula action? We’ll be honest, it looks tricky and it seems to be all about the footwork. Imagine a cross between nimble-footed Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley, and some gangster-style hip hop moves and you’re pretty much there. Michael Jackson-style crotch-grabbing also features. It’s also handy to enlist a dance partner - in one scene in the video, one person lies on the floor while the other hopscotches over him. Have a gander at the video then bust out the moves when you’re out on the tiles tomorrow night. You know you want to.

By Christina Quaine


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