03 October 2013 by

It’s Britney Bitch! We Dissect Britney Spears’ 'Work Bitch' Video

Britney’s back with a rollickingly good new song Work Bitch, but what the heck is happening in the video? And who are those strange ladies in the background? We dissect it in four easy steps...

1) Her Funny Accent

Not since Madonna came over all laa-dee-dah ‘Kristin Scott Thomas at a gymkhana’ in the mid-noughties, have we been more intrigued by a faux British accent. Reprising the most excellent Austin Powers- ish voice she adopted on will.i.am’s Scream & Shout, it gives Work Bitch a weird and wonderful edge. Although she’s still got nothing on Don Cheadle in Oceans 11 has she?

2) Those Ladies Lurking In The Back

Oh Brit-Brit we’re not sure about this new crowd you’re hanging out wit, to be honest. The ladies lurking behind you in Work Bitch look like Dominatrix’ who accidentally fell out of an episode of Deep Space Nine. Still, they’re pretty good dancers, which brings us to…

3) The Dance Routine

When was the last really satisfying Britney dance routine? The one for Stronger? I’m A Slave For You? The MTV Awards where she did Gimme More ( ‘satisfying’ yes, but for all the wrong reasons…)? Basically we can’t remember, however the snatched few moments of the Work Bitch routine make us think about classic, heyday Britney. Which can only be a good thing.

4) The Five Star Location

We’re pretty excited about the location of Work Bitch. Where are we? Some sort of 6 star holiday hotel in Dubai that specialises in S&M and has white walls and mannequins on speed dial? Some kind of car show room in the desert entirely staffed by evil goth femme bots? Or, um, just a soundstage in LA? Hmmm...


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