Is Lady Gaga’s 24-Carat Gold Wheelchair The Singer's Weirdest Accessory Yet?

13 March 2013 by

Is Lady Gaga’s 24-Carat Gold Wheelchair The Singer's Weirdest Accessory Yet? Is Lady Gaga’s 24-Carat Gold Wheelchair The Singer's Weirdest Accessory Yet?

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Oh Lady Gaga, how we love you. In terms of crazyiness she truly is the gift that keeps on giving. For example this week, the Queen of Pop has only gone and bought herself a custom made 24 carat gold wheelchair. As you do.

Gaga has been wheelchair bound ever since she underwent surgery on her hip last month. The singer was forced to cancel the end of her Born This Way Ball Tour after suffering from a problem called synovitus (inflammation of the joints to you and I). But of course she wasn’t going to be seen dead in one of those standard NHS style wheelchairs.

Gaga turned to Ken Borochov the designer for Mordeki to design her 24 carat gold, calk skin vehicle amazing pictures of which have been uploaded onto her friend Terry Richardson's blog. Ken said of the commission, 'I certainly wasn't expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair fit only for a queen.’

It is thought that Gaga will have to spend quite some time in the chair as she recovers from her operation. She's become so attached that she's even given the chair a name 'Emma' - how very Jane Austen of her.

Of course this isn’t her first crazy accessory…

The Teacup

Lady Gaga sure likes a cup of tea, so much so that she used to carry around a little cup with her at all times. Well, it is always good to stay hydrated!

The Kermit outfit

We were big fans of the Muppets too, but not THAT big a fan. When Gaga stepped out in her specially designed Kermit the frog outfit we were a little bit taken a back, luckily we don’t think any animals were hurt in the making of it!

Masks Of All Kinds

From mirror covered, to lace, to bondage style Lady Gaga has a very impressive collection of masks. Unfortunately most of them are so out there that rather than hide her they made her more noticeable… Perhaps that is what she wanted.

Diamond Encrusted Microphones

This almost goes without saying, what other type of microphone would Lady Gaga use?

Facial Horns

Remember when Lady Gaga had horns moulded onto the side of her face? It wasn’t a trend that took off but it was fascinating all the same. Just how did she get them to stay on we wonder.


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