So Now Rihanna And Drake Have Gone 'Exclusive'

17 March 2014 by

Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake

It's a veritable celeb love-off! [Getty]

Update: Soz Chris, it looks like it's all over for you and Rihannna - well, for now at least. According to reports coming from America after weeks of going on some very public dates Rihanna and Drake have decided to make it official. As in they are exclusive. As in no tongue kissing with anyone else. Apparently Rihanna has decided to give Drake a proper shot because he treats her better than any other guy she's ever been with and she now plans to spend as much time with him as possible. Chris it seems is still single and he is back in court today after being kicked out of his rehab facility.

Rihanna. One of the most famous women in the world, fancied by hundreds, if not thousands or millions of men (and women) worldwide. Yet she only seems to be interested in two of them, her ex boyfriends Chris Brown and Drake. That's right, their love triangle - which seems to have been going on for longer than we wish to remember - has been reignited this week.

Over the last week Rihanna has been spotted with Drake on several occasions - fueling recent rumours that they'd rekindled their romance - she even joined him on stage as he performed in Paris. But no sooner where they back together than reports started to surface that Rihanna was also back in touch with Chris.

To say these three have history is a bit of an understatement, let's take a look back at their tangled love affair...

The Rihanna, Drake, Chris Brown Love Triangle: A History

2005 - Rihanna first meets Chris when she introduces his performance at the Vibe awards, when a year later they're spotted flirting at the Kid's Choice Awards romance rumours start to circulate.

May 2008 It's not until 2008 when they finally admit that they're dating, Chris says, 'We started off as friends and we're getting a little bit closer now.'

February 2009 It all falls apart in February. In a now infamous horrific incident Chris Brown brutally attacks Rihanna following a pre-Grammies party leaving her bloodied and bruised.

October 2010 Rihanna and Drake release 'What's My Name' together amidst a flurry of rumours that the two stars are dating.

February 2011 The restraining order that was placed on Chris after the Grammies attack is lifted meaning he can speak to Rihanna again.

February 2012 Rihanna and Drake release a second song together 'Take Care', again stories circulate that they're together. Around the same time Rihanna and Chris release the overtly sexual single, 'Birthday Cake.'

June 2012 Drake and Chris Brown are involved in an altercation at WIP nihtclub in New York - it was heavily implied that the two men where fighting over the singer.

August 2012 Rihanna does an Oprah special in which she admits that she is still in love with Chris.

December 2012 Chris and Rihanna are offiicially back together and giving things another go - he is no longer dating Karrueche Tran who he had been with since 2010.

Rihanna and Drake perform at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game [Getty]

April 2013 Chris admits that Rihanna's relationship with Drake had annoyed him, 'Of course it bothered me,' he said revealing that the couple had discussed her romance with the singer.

April 2013 In the same month Drake also speaks out about their relationship and Chris' jealousy. He said, 'His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I'm more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap.' Ouch.

June 2013 Rihanna and Chris split again - he announces it on a radio show where he says he can not be focused on 'wifeying' someone when he is so young - he promtly gets back with Karrueche.

Drake and Rihanna perform at the GRAMMYs on February 13, 2011 [WireImage]

September 2013 Drake gets all coy when Ellen Degeneres asks him what went on with him and Rihanna, 'Yeah, great girl ... We had our moment. Always support and have love for her and yeah...'

November 2013 Rihanna and Drake spark rumours that they could be back together when they are spotted going to a strip club together - they subsiquently spent $100,000.

December 2013 Despite the fact that Chris is back with Karreuche, Rihanna is spotted visiting him in his rehab centre in Los Angeles.

February 2013 Here's Rihanna and Drake together on stage in Paris. They look prettttyy close in this picture which Drake posted on Instagram after the show along with the caption, 'paRIH'. Aww.

Are you confused as to where these three all stand? We are!


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