Is Jennifer Lawrence Taking A Gap Yah? Here's 10 Things She Should Do With It

24 February 2014 by

Jennifer Lawrence has been mega busy recently. In the past two years the actress has shot nine movies including blockbuster series like X-Men and Hunger Games as well as award winners like American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook. She's also appeared in three Dior campaigns and - oh yeah - scooped more than 15 awards including an Oscar. Phew.

It's no surprise she might ready for a little break then and Harvey Weinstein - producer of Silver Linings Playbook - is saying she's planning on taking a year off to chill out.

'She's going to have a long break for a year where she won't do anything,' he said 'It's been non-stop for her and she deserves a rest.'

The producer told The Sun that J Law has been taking on WAY more work than she should have been doing because, well, she's just too nice to turn things down.

'Jennifer is too nice and will do people favours and agrees to do a movie like American Hustle when she could have had a rest,' he said. 'She signed on to do Hunger Games when she was young and wouldn't have realised how much it would dominate her life. But she's a professional and always will be.'

It's more than likely we're going to be spending J Law's year off weeping into our Jennifer Lawrence duvet-and-pillow set, wailing as we flick through the months of our unofficial Jennifer Lawrence calendar and watching the Hunger Games on repeat. But what will she get up to? Here are 10 ideas.

1. Sleep


2. Develop a new flavour of Doritos

3. Become a dance teacher

4. Attend red carpet events wearing a paper bag on her head


5. Watch an epic Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon 

6. Become an honorary Kardashian

7. Launch Slanket competitor the 'Duvet Dress' on QVC 

8. Open a McDonalds franchise 

9. Become a motivational speaker

10. Just be totally loved-up with Nicholas Hoult


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