Is Friends Making A Return To Our Screens? Here's 10 Things We Want To See

17 April 2013 by

Update: Bah, those pesky folks over at Warner Bros have denied that a Friends reunion is on the cards. One of the show's creators, Marta Kauffman, has also announced, "I'm going to clear this up - it's not happening!" Jeez, way to ruin our Wednesdays guys. Thanks.

friends reunion

Could we BE any more excited? Rumours of a Friends reunion are once again doing the rounds on the internet.

As far as we can tell, this latest batch of mutterings about the gang getting back together kicked off when Oklahoma radio station KHITS tweeted a picture of the iconic couch from Central Perk saying; "Friends. The One With The Reunion. Thanksgiving 2014" with the caption, "This is the best Sunday news, evar [sic]!"

While this latest rumour probably has as much truth behind it as the last lot - remember when there was supposed to be a Friends movie? - you can't stop a gal from dreaming. It's been nearly 10 years since the world's most-loved sitcom stopped running, but the re-runs are still on at least twice a day and a whole new generation have fallen in love with the show. So what would a 2014 reunion have in store for Ross, Rachel and the gang? Here're 10 of our predictions...

1. Joey Will Move Back In With Chandler

Albeit in a bedsit above Chandler and Monica's garage.


2. There'll Be Some Great Cameos

Friends loved a good cameo. Some of our faves? Oh let's see, there was Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, Christina Applegate, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Jean Claude Van Damme, (deep breath) Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin and of course, the best of the bunch - Brad Pitt (RIP Brad'n'Jen).

3. Gunther Will Have Found A Girlfriend

Or be facing prosecution for living in a bush outside Rachel's house. You decide.

Gunther Friends

4. Emma, Jack and Erica Will Totally Hang Out

By our estimates, Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma will be 12 in 2014, with Monica and Chandler's twins fast approaching 10. If the kids don't all end up living in the same apartment in New York someday, we don't know what's gone wrong with the world. It's the circle of life y'all.

Also, here's a very scientific picture of what Emma would look like now (that we definitely didn't make by morphing Rachel and Ross's faces together).

baby morph ross and rachel

5. Phoebe Will Have Released A Platinum Album And Completed A World Tour

Because certain people out there need to learn that not everyone's a Belieber.


6. Rachel Will Have Moved On From Ralph Lauren

Because as much as we were rooting for the Ross and Rachel reunion, there was always a tiny little bit of us that was all like, "You're giving up a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris for Ross?... ROSS??"

7. Joey Will Give Up On Hollywood And Become Dr Drake Ramoray Again

Because the less said about his spin-off show, Joey, the better.

8. Except He'll Probably Be Pretty Darn Overweight

Even the trimmest of chaps couldn't uphold the Two Pizza Joey Special forever. Metabolism's a bitch.

fat hoey friends

9. Monica Will Have Launched Her Own Brand Of Cleaning Products

For someone that was supposed to be a chef in a restaurant (main hours of operation - evening time) Monica sure seemed to spend a lot of time knocking about the coffee shop with the gang. It's pretty clear her first love was, and always will be, cleaning the hell out of stuff. Here's hoping she's finally found her calling.

10. Ross And Rachel Will Get Married

For realsies this time.

But what do YOU want to see from our favourite Friends? Let us know below or by tweeting us at @Grazia_Live with #FriendsReunion.


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