Douglas Booth Addresses Our Concerns That He's Morphing Into Brad Pitt

15 February 2014 by

Douglas Booth, Noah


Let's imagine for a minute a world in which two of the hottest guys on the planet are actually the same even-hotter man. Now - we don't mean to panic you or anything but that world might actually be a reality. Brad Pitt and Douglas Booth are the same person.

Obviously they could be clones, secret identical twins or maybe just two guys who look alike but we're pretty sure Douglas Booth is actually Brad Pitt from the past visiting 2014 to remind himself of his own sexiness.

The evidence? The just-released Noah poster starring Douglas Booth. The former Burberry model grew his hair for the role to appear more like the character Noah but it turns out he just looks EXACTLY like Brad Pitt in his Chanel ad from 2012.


That square jaw, the ruffled hair, the cheekbones the twinkling blue eyes... TWO HAVE BECOME ONE. Let's take a look back at a younger long-haired Brad, this time sporting a delightful bob in 2004...


See - STILL THE SAME. Even their expressions are similar - the furrowed brow, the smouldering stare, the confused but angry vibe (also same penchant for blonde highlights).

Douglas isn't so sure though, dismissing comparisons when we caught up with him at Harvey Weinstein's Pre-BAFTA Dinner. 'I don't know about that, maybe it's just the hair,' he said. Hmm... we think  Dougie's just being modest. Even when you compare shots of them with short hair they look very similar.


No - that's not Douglas with and without glasses. That's two different people at two different events - 20 years apart.


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