Cara Fest! Is Queen Delevingne Planning A Festival Themed Party For Her 21st Birthday?

24 June 2013 by

Is Cara Delevingne Planning A Festival Themed 21st Birthday?

It’s two months until Cara Delevingne turns 21 and according to reports she’s already started planning – well, it is a pretty big milestone. Apparently the model is planning a festival themed bash, but rather than go to an actual festival in the UK – where mud is pretty much guaranteed – she wants to hold the party abroad, possibly in Ibiza.

Of course with a guest list rumoured to (hopefully) include the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kate Moss and Nick Grimshaw, there’s bound to be a story - not to mention a few Instagram snaps - coming out of this birthday bash. Here’s what we predict might happen...

1. Rihanna and Rita will have a sing off

Each desperate to show Cara that they are the better friend Rita and Rihanna will get into a furious sing off. After three hours, the other guests will become bored and turn off their microphones. Rihanna and Rita carry on regardless.

2. Guests will get a commemorative tattoo… of Cara’s face

According to reports, Cara is going to fly ‘Bang Bang’ – the artist responsible for her two tattoos – out so he can tattoo all of her guests. And really what better way to remember Cara’s party than with a picture of Cara?

Cara Delevingne Planning A Festival Themed Party For 21st Birthday In August

3. Kate and Cara will put on their very own catwalk

Nick Grimshaw will try and join in but will be mocked by the other guests for his less-sassy-than-Mossy walk.

4. There will be a onesie dress code

Who cares if it’s 30 degrees in Ibiza, Cara loves wearing a onesie and for her birthday everyone else will have to wear one too. That’s an order.

5. Jourdan Dunn will do the catering

Everyone knows that if you want to party hard, you need to be fuelled up which is why Cara will hire her mate Jourdan to do the catering. Jourdan will create a series of CD themed dishes such as ‘Cara Carpaccio’ and ‘Delevingne’s Deviled Eggs’.

Please make our dreams come true, Cara!


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