We Speak To Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis And Rachel Weisz At The European Premiere Of Oz: The Great and Powerful

01 March 2013 by

Last night, Grazia Daily was lucky enough to attend the European premiere of Disney’s new movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. It was a pretty chilly affair as we waited for the stars of the film to grace the yellow brick road but boy, was it worth it when they arrived.

Stepping into the specially created Land of Oz, fans and special guests alike were greeted to a scene created from beautiful foliage – think pink blossom trees and lush greenery.

Being February and London, it was nippy out and though the film’s stars each chose to wear strapless gowns (see our best-dressed gallery) from Alexander McQueen and Burberry to Michael Kors, they did have to cover up in between interviews and signing autographs to ensure they didn’t get too cold.

In fact, Michelle Williams looked as though at times she needed help standing up. Perhaps she was a little unsteady on her uber high heels or maybe she’s still feeling fragile after her reported recent break-up from Jason Segel and needed a bit of extra support. However, she was all smiles on the red carpet and said that she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the crowds response saying, ‘you never get used to this’. As if to confirm how shy she felt from all the attention, Michelle was the only cast member not to speak when introducing the film. Aww.

Mila Kunis looked a little less impressed, despite this being her first ever London premiere. She seemed in rather a hurry to make her way down the yellow carpet shouting at fans, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming’ when they screamed her name and cheekily saying that her dress was from Ebay when asked by a reporter.

Rachel Weisz was thrilled to be back on British turf telling us that London is her home. As the rest of the cast snuck out of the screening, Rachel took her seat to enjoy the movie.

We also caught up with the film’s director Sam Raimi who told us a little bit more about what to expect. ‘The Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie of all time. [Oz: The Great and Powerful] is really about the story that took place before the Wizard of Oz. Who [he] was back in Kansas, how he had a little bit of selfish heart and once he got to the Land of Oz, how that heart was able to grow.’

And even though we had already chatted to costume designer Gary Jones, we were keen to see what Sam thought about the outfits donned by the cast. ‘This is a very visual movie,’ he said. ‘It’s supposed to be like a fairytale so I felt that the costumes had to be an absolute representation of who the characters were, without any artifice. That’s why Glenda is in a flowing white gown. When you meet Rachel, she is purporting herself to be the ruler of the emerald city and you see her in an emerald green. Later on, as she’s revealed to be the wicked witch, as she shows her true colours, her costume goes jet black. So it’s a very simple archetypal approach to the wardrobe and I found it works for me.’ Having seen the film, we can safely say it works for us too.

And though he was happy to talk about the costumes in the film, how about what he was wearing for his big premiere? ‘What am I wearing? That’s something that no-one has ever asked me. I’m wearing a suit, lady! I’m wearing whatever my wife lays out for me – quit rubbing it in.’

And if the Wizard of Oz could grant him any wish? ‘Universal brotherhood and love between all people’s.  But that’s no fun!’

Oz: The Great and Powerful is in cinemas next Friday, 8th March.


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