In This Week's Issue: Is Amanda Bynes The Next Victim Of The Child Star Trap?

04 June 2013 by

Amanda Bynes, the new Lindsay Lohan – this is a headline that has been doing the round for several months now as the former child star seemingly spirals further and further out of control. Famed her for Nickelodeon career, aged just 16 she made a name for herself.

American actress Amanda’s very tragic public breakdown – which includes a Twitter spat with Rihanna, several arrests and an obsession with plastic surgery has been well documented all of which we examine in this week's magazine where we ask: Is Amanda the next victim of the child star trap? Here’s how she went from child star to troubled star…

1. The Amanda Show

Between 1999 and 2002 Amanda was the star of her very own TV show on US channel Nickelodeon named The Amanda Show. The sketch show was hugely popular with American children and helped to cement the beginnings of her career.

2. What A Girl Wants

It’s 2003 and at 17 Amanda’s career is going strong. She takes a leading role in the film What A Girl Wants alongside Colin Firth.  Several film roles follow for Amanda, in 2006 she starts in She’s The Man. In 2007 she takes a role in the hit film Hairspray alongside John Travolta.

3. Time to quit acting… Kind of

In June 2010 Amanda takes to her Twitter page to announce, ‘I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it.’ However just a couple of months later she has a change of heart and says she is ‘unretired’. In June 2012 she quits again saying she wants to focus on her fashion career and rapping.

4. The First Arrests

In April 2012 Amanda is arrested. On April 6th she is picked up for DUI and on the 10th she is accused of hitting another car and running. By September she is charged for another two hit and run incidents.

Amanda Bynes Grazia

5. Piercing

Amanda starts her own Tumblr and posts a picture of herself with a cheek piercing. It later turns out she has two. Blogs start to comment on her appearance and she starts to change her hair on a regular basis.

6. The Twitter Breakdown Begins

In March 2013 Amanda starts using Twitter to post slightly odd messages. Firstly she tweets to Drake, ‘I want @drake to murder my vagina.’ She later lambasts Perez Hilton for the stories he had posted about him.

7. The Hair Goes

At the end of April 2013 Amanda decides to get rid of her extensions by shaving half of her hair off. She is later seen wearing a series of wigs. In an early May interview Amanda says that she doesn’t know why people think that she’s crazy.

8. The Police Are Called

May 2nd 2013 TV Presenter Jenny McCarthy tweets that she has seen police outside of Amanda’s house ‘Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help,’ she said. Amanda responds by calling her ‘ugly’ and ‘an old lady.’ Amanda then confirms she’s had a nose job on Twitter.

9. More Arrests

May 23rd, after one US magazine reports that Amanda has had a ‘drug fueled party’ she is arrested on drug allegations. After she allegedly threw a bong from a hotel window, she is taken in for psychiatric evaluation. She tells the judge that she just threw a vase. She later accusing a police officer of ‘slapping my vagina’. The claims are refuted.

10. Amanda Is Evicted

Just five days after her arrest Amanda is evicted from her New York apartment. She later tweets a picture of herself having had another nose job and says that she has another one planned for shortly after.




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