'32 Is Miserable': Watch The Top 5 Taylor Swift Parody Videos

04 April 2013 by

Another day, another Taylor Swift parody. The last video to go viral about the singer was a mash up of 'I Knew You Were Trouble' featuring a wailing goat. Now, the latest parody has landed with '32' taking the mick out of Taylor's latest single '22' (see what they've done there?) and it gives us a glimpse of what she might sing about in ten years time, ie: wrinkles and acne at the same time.

In this ode to the age, hot pants, streamers and red cups are replaced with xanax, red wine and sweat pants. Ha! The 32-year-old version of Swifty sings about starting Weight Watchers and drinking because she's sad. Feeling 32, Elaine Moran says, is, well, miserable.

Taylor Swift parodies are big business, as our top 5 videos have each had millions of hits on YouTube. In one parody, 'You Belong With Me' is zombie-fied with lines such as 'he's the school editor, I'm a predator, he eats cheese and I eat arteries. I'm dreaming about the day when he can see what's underneath and pass my razor teeth.' Taylor Swift the zombie even promises her crush he won't be her next meal.

Taylor's exes are the most popular topic for parody vids (obvs), and a parody 'I Knew You Were Trouble' features an army of look-a-like Taylor Swift exes, chanting devil and pointing crosses at a man in a pink wig dressed up as Swifty. Yes it's ridiculous and totally OTT, but what do you expect from a Taylor Swift parody? Also on our list is 'We Will Never Get Back Together' featuring a Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-like singing 'we were never ever actually together.'

Watch our pick of the top 5 Taylor Swift parodies below...

1. 32

2. Just A Zombie

3. I Knew You Were Trouble goat mash-up

4. We Are Never Getting Back Together

5. I Knew You Were Trouble



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